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The Best Cat Backpack Carrier Guide For 2019

After going through several day research works, including depth reading and analysis of related forums, e-commerce sites and trending product reviews, we can tell you precisely what you need to consider before buying a cat backpack carrier. This guide will help you to choose most reliable, matching, and comfortable cat backpack for your cute cat.

How we did our research

For this analysis, we gathered information from various sources. Mostly, we visited major e-commerce web sites which sell cat backpack carriers. In these sites, we check what are the trending items, price, buyer feedbacks, brand trust worthiness, material usage, flexibility and different option availability.

Then after, we actively participated in few related forums and groups in Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and Facebook to check other peoples’ feedbacks and experience with cat backpack carriers. After going through several thousand comments and feedbacks in these resources, we had the layout the most compelling points that need for a person who is checking for a cat backpack.

Further, other online reviewed articles were also investigated. By doing this, we try not to leave any single important point from our analysis. Moreover, we interviewed a few persons who used to use cat backpack carriers. Their input was helped to add extra value to our study.

Finally, we compose this buying guide article with proper flow. We believe this guide will allow you to choose the best cat backpack carrier by fulfilling your knowledge gap.

To give best information, we will update our buying guides regularly.

Who will benefit from this analysis

Cat backs are something that makes more comfortable to carry your cute cat without any hassle.

When its old school days, we could remember that how much it’s harder to take our cats to even to a vet. Traditional cat backpack carriers make it intimidate your cat forcing unnecessary stress.

Due to these reason or any other factor, if you are looking for a cat backpack carrier, then this guide is for you. We will go through all the necessary points that need to be considered. Further, based on our analysis, we have presented best cat backpack carriers that may match your requirements.

Decide what type of cat backpack carrier

When you plan to buy a cat backpack carrier, first of all, you may need to sort out the type of backpack you need. Depend on your requirements; there are several variations available in the market.

Bubble cat backpack carrier

This one can be considered as the most reviewed item. Due to its unique features, it is attracted most cat lovers at instant. The most eye-catching item is the cute transparent dome that positioned in the middle of backpack. This dome allows your cat to feast his eyes and enjoy the view.

Further, this kind of feature allows you to keep your cat charm during the travel. Most of the available designs have enough ventilation holes. So you do not need to worry about the air problems

You can see current bubble cat backpack pricing on Amazon here.

cat backpack carrier bubble

Astronaut cat backpack carrier or Space Capsule cat backpack

Mostly, it is the same thing as bubble cat backpack. Nothing much differs. Since the transparent dome looks like an astronauts’ helmet, some brands started to call this as astronaut cat backpack. Sometimes, as space capsule cat backpack carriers.

Anyhow, there are some designs which offer fully transparent outer frame. That kind of backpacks mostly go under this category.

Get it on Amazon here.

Fat Cat Cat Backpack Carrier

We all had that type of cat in our lifetime. Yeah, a big cat.  Some of you may still have one at your home. Isn’t it?

Anyway, you may wonder that above-mentioned backpacks can fit a cat like yours. Sometimes, it is not.

For this kind of problems, there is another type called fat cat backpack. There are specially designed for larger cats. Several manufacturers offer different designs, and most of them can handle up to 19.8 lbs. That much of weight is enough to hold your lazy fat cat safely and cozy.

Check out current pricing for fat cat backpack here.

Hiking Cat backpack carrier

If you are not only a cat lover but also a traveller, you may find some way to bring your cute cat with you. In this kind of situations, there are products specially designed to cater this need. These backpacks are called hiking cat backpack carriers.

Safety and stronger structured designs are available in these categories. When it comes to long-distance travels, it is essential not to crinkle or lose its shape. It will ensure the cat’s safety during the travel.

Further, few extra pockets will be available for your cat essentials.

One more thing, if you are going to buy this type of backpack, you need to consider the wearer comfort too. So check whether they offer extra thick padding.

You can get current pricing and further features from here.

Other important figures

Size and Shape

 Soon after you have selected a type, you can consider the size and shape of the backpack. To purchase the correct size cat backpack, first, you need to measure your cats’ weight.

Depend on the weight parameter, you can choose the backpack size. Mostly there is a weight imitation in cat backpacks. So look for this maximum limit in the backpack before placing your order.

There is another factor that you need to consider. It is the internal shape. If your cat has a challenging personality, you better think about a shape that it does not provoke its struggling attitude.

Strength/Durability of the Cat Backpack

Durability and strength are much essential when it comes to day to day usage of your cat backpack.

The poor material based backpacks will not last and surely bring some harm to your cat too. Always pay your attention to the used materials and structure. Do not forget to check stitching, pivotal points located in shoulder belts and bottom of the backpack.

  • Materials

Most backpacks use several types of fabric within the backpack and outer layers. Be sure to choose a one with quality materials which resistant to cat tearing. You cats’ claws can be a weapon to shred your backpack if its build using poor materials.

When we consider the price tag, durable robust design can be somewhat expensive. However, it will assure day to day proper usage for several years.

During our search for these cat backpack materials, we saw several leather ones with excellent built quality. Anyhow, Oxford cloths are seeming to be kind of popular choice with many cat lovers.

Security of Your Cat

Let us say that you are going a trip or adventure in forest. Now, your cat may look outside as a beautiful place to escape. Even if you are in middle of a city/town, a half-open zipper is all that needed to escape.

To handle this kind of cases, some of the cat backpack manufactures added an extra security feature, an internal leash. This leash can be used to clip the cat’s collar. So now your cat can not escape even backpack is open. One more thing, check that this leash has enough length.

Otherwise, cat can struggle or suffer inside the backpack.

Moreover, we got to know that few backpacks offer a locking mechanism for the zippers. Or else kind of extra protective fabric layer that resists opening the zipper automatically.

Ease of Use

There are few small things in a cat backpack that can make a substantial difference in cat travel activities. If you are a concerned buyer, we would like you to check out these points too. It will make your life easier

  • Main entry/exit points for the cat

Typically, a cat backpack has two ways to put your cat into it. An opening from the top and another one from the side. Sometimes, it can be limited to one option. Be sure to check your interesting design has two options.

  • Airplane acceptance

 If you are planning to travel in an airplane with your cat, then it is better to double-check that your cat backpack is airline approved. Based on our search, we got to know that most airline-approved cat backpacks are relatively smaller ones. These backpacks can handle cats around 10 pounds.

  • Wheels and extra pockets

Some designs tend to offer wheels in their backpacks. If you are travelling with a big cat, this option may useful for you. Anyway, this one depend on your requirements.

Having extra pockets is a good sign. You probably need to bring cat accessories with you. If so, extra pockets mean a good feature that can save your troubles.

  • Cleaning Support

Even though this is considered not as a strong point, you can check for it for several reasons.

There are some designs which offer a superb outlook. Yet there are very hard to clean.

If you have troubles with cleaning, it can raise several health and durability problems for your cat and backpack itself. So in our shoes, we think that having a structure that supports good cleaning process is a must.

Comfort and Safety Factors – for both of you and your cat

Cat backpacks are somewhat different from traditional handheld strollers. The backpack design approach is itself safe for cat. It does not tend to swing a lot and usually stable when you are travelling.

  • Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation means another essential key figure for safety and comfort of the cat. Luckily, each cat backpack manufacture been concern about this. Hence we can see enough ventilation holes/windows available in cat backpacks.

Anyhow, be sure to check whether they have a mesh and its strong enough. So your cat can not claw through it.

  • Ergonomic support

When buying a cat backpack, you need to consider not only cat safety but also your health and safety. Since, you are going to wear these backpacks for a long time, check they have proper design consideration to protect your cervical and lumbar spine.

Further, having a chest strap is useful to evenly distribute weight pressure.

bubble cat backpack

Care and maintenance

When it comes to care and maintenance, it is necessary to have an extra concern. Since, your cat will spend considerable time inside this backpacks, you need to have it well cleaned. So it will avoid health hazards.

The most important part is to use organic and healthy detergents. Therefore, the cleaning chemical may not have an effect for your cat health.

When it comes to washing part, most cat backpack carriers allow machine washable using high quality fabrics. Anyhow, some designs need to be cleaned by hand. Whatever the case, you need to careful with the fabric. Do not rub hard to clean strain. Use proper and healthy chemicals with gentle cleaning methods.

Moreover, be sure to investigate the cat backpack properly. We got to know that several famous designs consist with washable soft pads that can take out and clean separately.

Once you have cleaned the cat backpack carrier, dry it in a non humid place. Then it will assure healthy conditions for reuse.

cat backpack carrier

Getting Your Cat Used to the cat Backpack

After getting a cat backpack, the biggest challenge is to train your cat for the cat backpack. We know that from our experience, how much they resist anything that violates their freedom.

You can follow below steps to train your cat for a brand new cat backpack.

  1. First of all, you need to give some positive feeling toward your backpack. To do this, just keep your backpack near the cat. Give some cookies to the cat near the backpack or on it. Then it will have a good feeling toward the backpack.
  2. Go for a short trip as first one. Take your cat around your house and neighbourhood to see how it response to backpack.
  3. As your first few cat backpack trips, ignore the places that your cat hate. Especially the visits to your vet. We do not want to jeopardise the positive feeling at first. With time, you can take him to other places.
  4. One more thing, giving some more cookies after the trip also matters.
cat backpack carrier

Answers for trending questions - FAQs

Are cat backpack carriers safe?

With many reviews and analysis, we could say not to worry about the safety of your cat. When it comes to cat backpack carriers, they were made concerning the best safety of cats. There are many features inside a cat backpack that used to secure the cats’ safety and health as we mention in our article above.

Anyhow, there were some cases that cat’s get overstressed or anxious. After looking through these cases, we have found that these cats had some bad experiences with cat backpacks from very first time. Hence, we advise you to follow our instructions set on “Getting Your Cat Used to the cat Backpack

Can I put two cats in one carrier?

Generally speaking, we will not advise you to add two cats in a single cat backpack. Even though your two cats were friends, they can be aggressive with a compact area in the bag.

Anyhow, there are a different kind of carriers available in the market which considerable large designs. With the help of these types, you can carry two cats. However, it should be minimum period (~ 2 hours).

Does cat backpacks suitable for long trips/hike?

They offer pretty good flexibility for long trips. Since there are backpacks, it helps to reduce motion sickness for your cat. Further, when you are in hiking, the proper weight distribution designs will give comfort during the journey.

What is the best backpack size for my cat?

First, you need to measure your cats’ weight. Most of cat backpacks have an upper weight limit. So, you have to compare backpacks upper weight limit with your cats’ weight to choose the best size.

Why does my cat frequently poop inside the cat carrier?

If you experience this frequently, it is a sign that your cat hates the backpack or stressed inside it. Maybe there can be some mental problem associated with this. If you use your backpack only to travel your cat to meet vet, then this kind of situations can happen. Hence, make sure to give some happy experiences with the backpack.

cat backpack carrier hike

Final Thoughts

Cat backpacks are one of the new trend that comes to the cat’s market recently. This trend gives many safe and easy ways to walk with cat.

Anyhow, doing proper research and paying attention to important figures is a must to have the best user experience with these backpacks. With the proper knowledge, you can choose the best design which can assure enjoyable travelling life with your cat.

cat backpack carrier


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