The Best Cat Beds Review 2020 | Definitive Guide

“You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.” – Jane Pauley

If you are a proud cat parent, you will defiantly know, your fluffy cat sleeps twice as much as human and kittens sleep even more.

If you are wondering, does my cat need a bed?

The answer is YES, your cat needs a bed.

Fortunately, cat beds are an excellent option for cat owners who want to help their kitty get the best rest possible.

Cat Learns to Dance

Moreover, since they are at risk during sleep, they prefer to sleep in a safe and secure place.

As long as they feel comfortable and secured in a particular spot, it can become their ideal sleeping place.

So choosing the best cat bed for your fluffy cute cat is a very important task.

Here are some best cat beds, you can try for your fluffy cat.

Our Top Pick – MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave (Medium)

If you looking for all-natural and most comfortable bed for your cat, then this bed will be the best cat bed for you.

It is made up of 100% natural wool. The material is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

This bed will provide warmth, comfort, and privacy to your beloved cat. Your cat can play, take a nap and can sleep inside or on top.

This cave design bed will keep your cat warm in the winter and cool in the summer to make your cat feel at home.

This amazing cat bed comes in 4 color to select. So, you can choose the best cat bed which will suite the room décor in your house.

This bed is only suitable for cats and dogs weighing less than 12lb.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 10 inches

Check the price and other info from this link.

Best Cat Beds Recommendation – Top 5

Our Recommendations Brand
Best Overall MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave (Medium)
Runner Up Best Friends by Sheri Ortho Comfort Deep Dish Cuddler
Best Budget MidWest Bolster Pet Bed
Also Great Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube, Washable Bed, Indoor Cat House/Cat Condo
Also Great Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog and Cat by Best Pet Supplies

Runners up – Best Friends by Sheri Ortho Comfort Deep Dish Cuddler

If you are looking for a cat bed that provides orthopedic support and ease the joint pain to your fluffy cat then this bed is best for you.

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This cat bed design is super flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position and nontoxic for your cat.

Now your cat bed will be free from excessive hair and odors because this cat bed is easy to clean by washing machine and dryer.

It will be the best sofa bed for heavy weight cats or dogs weighing up to 25 lb. The bottom of the bed is made with tough nylon fabric that resists dirt and water.

Product Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 12 inches

Buy this cat bed from Amazon

Best Budget Cat Beds – MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

If you are looking for a soft, cozy, and welcoming cat bed with the best budget, then this bed will be ideal for you.

This cat bed is best for crates, carriers and also works great as cat bed alone. This bed is machine washable and dryer friendly.

This cat bed is made up of ultra-soft synthetic fur & comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion.

This pet bed is not ideal for excessive chewers.

Product Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 2 inches

Purchase this budget cat bed from Amazon

Also Great – Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube, Washable Bed, Indoor Cat House/Cat Condo

If you have a pickiest cat and looking for catnap perch and a private den combined in one fun space then this bed is especially for you.

This cat bed is also best when you have more than one because you can keep two cat condos/trees on top of each item.

It is made up of soft polyester pillow and base cushion, which are designed for laze-all-day comfort.

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 Further, pillow and cushion are machine washable and dryer safe.

This is best cat bed because it is cozy nap pad and private cat lair in one.

It cannot be used outside because the outdoor covering is covered with cloth. It’s more for inside the house.

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 19.25 inches. Include 1 cube, 1 top cushion, and 1 fur fleece mat.

You can find out more info about this cat bed from this link.

Also Great – Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog and Cat by Best Pet Supplies

If you are looking for a super cozy indoor tent that can also be used for travelling then this cat bed will be just a perfect treat for your pet.

It will look good with your house décor. This cat bed will give your pet a touch of privacy with of comfort.

This tent cat bed is easy to maintain because it can be wash without stretching out of shape.

You need to not that, If you do not wash this bed properly, then it will create the problem.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 16 inches

Buy this item from Amazon link.

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Do cats need beds?

Sleep in one place is beneficial for cats and it is one of good reason to purchase a bed for your cat and encourage it to sleep in one place.

If your cat likes to sleeps on the bed, sofa, and favorite chair or in the linen closet on your clean towels, then you definitely need a bed.

cat bed for better health

 Aside from the comfort issue, one of the big reasons “why you need bed” is cat hair and dander.

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Cat beds are easier to clean other than the household furniture  – just try throwing your sofa into the washing machine.

One more thing, If you are likely to spend at least eight hours at night near your cat means you’re likely getting some exposure to the animal’s secretions and excretions. This is not so healthy for you.

If your cat seems to loves the bed, then this is good for their mental health too. It helps them always be able to find a comfortable spot easily instead of having to look through the house for where they want to sleep.

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind while buying a cat bed for your fluffy partner.

  • Comfort
  • Having Proper position
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Warm and cozy
  • Hygienic
  • Non-toxic
Is it Bad to SLEEP Next to Your CAT?

How do I get my cat to sleep in her cat bed?

We can’t always be with our cats all day long. If your cat happens to develop an extreme dependence or attachment on you, they may exhibit strange behaviors when you’re not around.

Sometimes, this could be a reason for to metal problems of your cat.

sleeping cat

Therefore, rather than allowing them to sleep with you, it’s more suitable to get them their own bed where they can rest on their own.

Here are some tips for you to get your cat to sleep in her cat bed:

  • Choose the proper bed. When it comes to selecting a suitable cat bed for your cat, you need to pay proper attention to where and your cat’s preference to sleep to determine the best bed may they might prefer.
  • If your furry cat is sleeping on your clothes, bed or other furniture and you don’t want her to do this, make those spots undesirable.
  • You can use your cat’s favorite treats to lure your picky cat into the new bed.
  • If possible, try to keep the bed around a low traffic area because cats prefer to maintain some personal space.
  • Place your fluffy cat’s bed in a spot where she already likes to sleep so she’ll be more likely to use it.

Other than our best selection of cat beds, we have added several more cat beds that we have reviewed for this article.

You can have a look at these, if you are keen to find a different product by your self.

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