The Best Cat Harness Review 2020 | Definitive Guide

Are you considering a cat harness for your beloved cat?

Maybe you want to walk your fluffy cat outdoor, or perhaps you need to travel with the cat and are afraid it might escape.

Whatever the reason, a harness is the best possible option. Slipping out your cat from a harness is much harder than a collar.

However, with a lot of choices out there in the market, how can you select the best one? And how does it work?

If you also have these questions in your mind, then this post is especially for you.

Our Top Pick – PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Harness for Cats

Cat Learns to Dance

If your cat loves to walk without feeling restrained, then this is the best cat harness for you.

This kitty harness and bungee leash is specially designed for your beloved cat. It harness applies gentle pressure to the shoulders rather than the neck or throat

This harness comes in three sizes small, medium, and large. So you should always measure your fluffy cat for proper fit, and it is also adjustable.

The PetSafe harness manufactured by using quality materials and in different beautiful bold colours.

Your kitten will not even pay attention to it after it was put on because bungee leash is stretchy to prevent sharp pulling or tugging.

It’s also relatively escape-proof since it provides a snug fit at both the neck and stomach but some time small cats can escape.


Small: 9-11 in. girth; Medium: 10.5-14 in. girth; Large: 13-18 in. girth

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Best Cat Harness Recommendation – Top 5

Our Recommendations Brand
Best Overall PetSafe Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash, Harness for Cats
Runner Up Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash – Adjustable Soft Mesh – Best for Walking
Best Budget Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness No Pull Comfort Padded Vest for Small Pet Cat and Puppy
Also Great PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash
Also Great Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash, Adjustable Cat Walking Jackets, Padded Cat Vest

Runners up – Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash – Adjustable Soft Mesh – Best for Walking

If you are looking for the escape proof harness which also keeps your cat comfortable, then this harness is especially for you.

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This super soft Velcro is breathable air-mesh fabric, so it doesn’t suffocate or overheat your beloved cat.

This harness contains plastic closure with soft Velcro that makes it an escape free.

If your cat pulls more during the walk then this walking vests is best cat harness for your cat because it provides more coverage and pressure distribution than leads.

You should note that your harness and leash set not suitable for pet’s chewing like a chew toy. Therefore, do not leave your leash and harness set on your cat.


Size M: Chest girth: 11.1″-14.5″, Neck girth:8.6″-9.9″, Leash size:59″ (150cm).

Size S: Chest girth: 10.5″-12.1″, Neck girth:7.0″-8.7″, Leash size:59″ (150cm).

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Best Budget Cat Harness – Soft Mesh Dog Cat Harness No Pull Comfort Padded Vest for Small Pet Cat and Puppy

If you are looking for a very soft and comfortable harness for your adorable and delicate cat then this cat harness is the best choice for you, it is also budget friendly. 

This padded vest is made up of polyester covered with breathable mesh.

This harness does not hurt your cat during walking and running due to a comfortable padded vest.

This harness comes is beautiful colours, you can easily match with any collar and leash.

This harness is very durable because it can be cleaned and used many times. The leash is not included in the package, so you have bought it separately.


Extra Small – Chest Girth 10″-15″, Neck Girth 8.0″

Small – Chest Girth 12.5″-16.5″, Neck Girth 9.0″

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Medium – Chest Girth 14″-19″, Neck Girth 12.2

Find out more info about this product from this link.

Also Great Cat Harness – PUPTECK Adjustable Cat Harness Nylon Strap Collar with Leash

This cat harness is best because it is easy to put on and take off and it is also fully adjustable so your cat cannot slip out.

This standard lead fits around the cat‘s neck and back to evenly distribute pressure. The actual leash is long enough to allow your beloved cat to explore and climb a bit.

Both cat harness and leash are made up of durable nylon material.

This cat harness is best for a small cat under 12 pounds weight of all ages.


Neck size: adjustable from 18 cm – 26 cm (7 inch – 10 inches)

Chest size: adjustable from 26 cm -44 cm (10 inch – 17 inches

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Also Great Cat Harness – Escape Proof Cat Harness with Leash, Adjustable Cat Walking Jackets, Padded Cat Vest

If you have a beautiful little cat and you want to leash-train her, then this harness is best fit for you because its neck and chest straps are soft and adjustable with magic tape.

This padded cat vest is durable and safer than the traditional cat leash. Further, this cat vest surely feels comfortable for your cat.

You should carefully take measurements of your cat, for selection of the best-fit size of the harness.


  • XS 2-4LBS
  • S 4-6LBS
  • M 6-8LBS
  • L 8-11LBS
  • XL >11LBS
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What is a cat harness, and how does it work?

The cat harness is a set of straps and fittings by which you can control your cat movements.

While the idea of taking your adorable fluffy cat for a walk outside may seem a little weird, a cat harness can make the experience pleasant for both of you.

Some cats do enjoy going for walks with you on a leash. A harness is a safe and effective method of guiding your cat without having her slip out of the collar by suddenly moving backwards or pulling at it until she chokes.

If you’re travelling or moving, a cat harness can be used to help give your cat a little more freedom.

cat sitting with harness

If your beloved cat becomes extremely agitated by a cat carrier or when you put a cat inside and shut, the door may be a power struggle that leaves you both exhausted.

In this case, training your fluffy cat to sit still on a car seat and using a cat harness when you get to your destination may make travel easier on you both.

The cat harnesses come in two main styles:

  • Vest Style
  • Classic H shape

Both styles are good for having different benefits.

How to put a harness on a cat

Are cat harnesses a good idea?

Yes, it is a very good idea when you are trying to Leash-train your beloved cat then harness will provide safety and comfort.

Cat harnesses and leashes are probably more often used as safety devices to prevent a cat from escaping when you’re going somewhere like when you are visiting veterinarian.

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