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As a concern cat lover, you should always care your cat’s dental hygiene. A better oral hygiene practices will prevent lot of issues such as tartar and plaque buildup, bad mouth odor, oral infections or periodontal disease. To take care your cat’s teeth, you can use a cat toothpaste with daily brushing.

However, finding a best cat toothpaste is can be time consuming task due to the large amount of different cat toothpastes available on the market. Therefore, we have investigated lot of cat toothpastes and filter out 5 best cat toothpastes for you to check.  

Our Top Pick – Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Tartar Control

By far, all our analysis proved that the best overall cat toothpaste is Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Tartar Control. This toothpaste provides a large amount of positive evidence from lots of reviewers and users all over the world.

The natural antibacterial effect provided through enzymatic formula seems to be effective to keep your cats and kittens teeth and gums clean and healthy. Since enzymatic formula safe from fluoride or other types of foaming agents, it does not harm your pet even they swallowed it.

Further, this product has five different flavours. These delicious flavours will make your cat loved to be brushed its teeth.

Cat Learns to Dance

Virbac toothpaste is quite famous in the market and this company maintain a good reputation. Their Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Tartar Control toothpaste can be identified as the best overall toothpaste for your feline friend.

Virbac C.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste Top Features: 

  • Remove plaque and helps to control tartar formation
  • The enzymatic formula for the antibacterial effect
  • Contains no foaming agents or fluoride
  • Freshens breathe, odour removing capability
  • Comes with 5 different flavours

Check the latest price and user reviews form this Amazon link.

Our Best Cat Toothpastes Recommendation – Top 5

Our RecommendationsBrand
Best OverallVirbac C.E.T Enzymatic Cat Toothpaste
Runner UpOxyfresh Pet Toothpaste
Best Budget Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats Toothpaste
Also GreatPet King Oratene Cat Toothpaste
Also GreatVirbac CET Vanilla/Mint Cat Toothpaste

How did we do our research?

To select the best 5 cat toothpastes, we gathered information from various sources reviewing more 22 cat toothpaste products. Mostly, we visited major e-commerce web sites which sell cat toothpastes. we checked what are the trending items, price, buyer feedbacks, brand trustworthiness, ingredients, flexibility and different option availability.

Then after, we actively participated in few related forums and groups in Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and Facebook to check other peoples’ feedbacks and experience with cat toothpastes.

Further, other online reviewed articles were also investigated. By doing this, we try not to leave any single important point from our analysis. Moreover, we interviewed a few persons who used to use cat toothpastes to protect their cat’s dental hygiene. Their personalised experience were beneficial.

Finally, we compose this buying guide article with proper flow. We believe this guide will allow you to choose the best cat toothpaste by fulfilling your knowledge gap.

Runners up – Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste

Oxyfresh pet toothpaste is easy to use non-toxic, 100% safe, non-taste toothpaste for your feline friend. This dental gel is considered as a fast-acting toothpaste with the direct apply ability to your cat’s teeth. No need for extra brush actions.

The Oxyfresh Pet toothpaste helps to keep your cat’s teeth clean, condition and deodorise gums by using Oxygene and aloe vera ingredients. The toothpaste will help to give fresh breath all over the day and remove bad odor originated in the mouth.

Further, Oxyfresh Pet toothpaste capable of preventing the biggest issue of cats’ dental health, periodontal disease. The daily advance plaque and tarter control will help further to reduce the risk of oral disease. The neutralising bacteria and hydrating the tissues will benefit the soothes gum and mouth irritations.

Oxyfresh Pet Cat Toothpaste Top Features: 

  • Alcohol-free
  • Easy to use – no need to brush
  • No flavor additives
  • Periodontal disease-preventing
  • All-day fresh breath

Check the latest price and user reviews form this Amazon link.

Best Budget cat Toothpaste – Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

This cat toothpaste can be recommended as the best budget cat toothpaste in the market. Even though it is a budget cat toothpaste; it does contain all the required features to protect your cat’s dental hygiene.

The Petrodex cat toothpaste is claimed as a product developed by a veterinarian. Therefore, the company stated that Petrodex cat toothpaste is useful for removing plaque and food debris with ultra-soft bristles. All-day bad breath fight, reducing tartar and plaque buildup control are other features of this cat toothpaste.

Further, Petrodex Dental Care Kit is suitable for kittens too. The carefully constructed enzymatic toothpaste formula and finger toothbrush are ideal for kittens’ dental care.

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The toothpaste does not foam hence no need to rinse. The toothpaste comes with a kit that contains toothbrush and finger toothbrush.

Petrodex Dental Care Kit Cat Toothpaste Top Features: 

  • Delicious malt flavor
  • Comes with a toothbrush and finger brush
  • Great for not only cats but also kittens
  • Clean and protect the cat’s teeth and gums

 Check the latest price and user reviews form this Amazon link.

Also Great Cat Toothpaste- Pet King Zymox Oratene Toothpaste

Pet King is another well-known brand for cat toothpaste. Previously, known as oratene brushless oral care toothpaste gel and now it is called as Pet King Zymox Oratene Toothpaste Gel.

Their Zymox Oratene dental gel is one of best toothpaste that we come across our research. The company says, the brushless pleasant-tasting clear gel provides best enzyme contact to inhibit harmful bad breath causing bacteria and remove plaque biofilms.

One of another useful feature is mouth tissue protection against dryness. This ability is helpful for pet owners who have cats that do not drink much water.

Pet King Zymox Oratene Cat Toothpaste Top Features: 

  • No need to brush
  • Protect against dryness, irritation, inflammation and redness
  • Aloe Vera based natural ingredient included
  • Safe for daily ingestion

Check the latest price and user reviews form this Amazon link.

Also Great Cat Toothpaste – Virbac CET Vanilla/Mint Toothpaste

Another cat toothpaste offered by Virbac company. Vanilla and mint taste seems to famous around a lot of cat owners. There is a huge number of positive feedbacks around this cat toothpaste. The most possible reason for this much of positive feedbacks could be this vanilla/mint taste that cats seem loves.

Similar to our top pick, Virbac CET vanilla/mint toothpaste provide natural antibacterial action to inhibit the formation of plaque and helps to minimise mouth odors. No forming agents; hence cats can swallow.

Virbac CET Vanilla/Mint Cat Toothpaste Top Features: 

  • The enzymatic formula for an antibacterial effect
  • Protection for teeth and gums
  • Helps to eliminate mouth odor
  • No foaming agents

Check the latest price and user reviews form this Amazon link.

Why we need to use a cat toothpaste?

Basically, to protect your cat’s teeth for the long term. Similar to humans, cats do get teeth problems. As we do, cats can’t brush their teeth daily as a health measure. Therefore, as a loving cat parent, you can use a specially designed cat toothpaste to protect your cat friend’s teeth.

Periodontal disease is a common issue among cats. Gum disease is another problem with weak dental hygiene. To address these dental problems, you can use a cat toothpaste designed to control plaque and tartar.

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Toothpaste?

When you are going to buy a cat toothpaste, there are a few things that you need to look before making the final purchase. When you are familiar with these, it will help you to select the best cat toothpaste for your cat.

Ingredients – You do not need to know all the ingredients and their functions to select a cat toothpaste. But, there are a few things you may need to avoid. Specially alcohol-based ingredients. Alcohol-based products could cause dry mouth in cats and it is not suitable for cat’s oral health. Further, try to avoid fluoride and xylitol. They can be toxic to your cat. Natural ingredients are always good compared to the artificial ones.

Enzymes are one of another ingredient used in cat toothpaste. There are used to kill harmful bacteria in the cat’s mouth and then to prevent occurring bad odor. This will further minimise the plaque and tartar buildup.

If you are interested in reading more about the ingredients in cat toothpaste, we have a briefly explained section below in the article.

Taste of the cat toothpaste – You will need to practice your cat to brush. It is a quite daunting task at first. The cat toothpaste flavour is the thing that will help you with this task.  You need to choose a flavor that your cat can not refuse.

Usually, fish flavored toothpaste is the most popular. Anyway, chicken, beef or any poultry flavoured one will do the trick.

Should not contain foaming agents – Typically, cat toothpaste comes as gels or pastes but sometimes, there can be some products with foaming agents. Foams are not that much good for your cat. Your cat can accidentally swallow the foams.

Price Tag – We all love to buy good products at a lower price. However, with a lower price, the quality seems to reduce intensively. So, you need to tradeoff your cat toothpaste quality with price in order to buy the best product.

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How often should you brush your cat’s teeth?

According to Dr Joanna Pendergrass from PetMD, it is good to brush your cat’s teeth two or three times per week. Further, make sure to clean your cat’s teeth before you going for your usual vet checkup. 

How can I brush my cat’s teeth?

  1. Go to a place where you and your cat feel comfortable. Since you are going to practice a new habit, you need to keep your cat relaxed as much as possible.
  2. Using a cat toothbrush or tooth finger, start to clean the teeth. Use a small amount of cat toothpaste at first. When cleaning, slowly clean using circular motions in one area of your cat’s mouth. Gently scrub the gum line also. So not make it hard. Use a smooth moves and do not forget to pet your cat.
  3. Your cat may not like to sit and do nothing while you clean its entire mouth at once. Therefore, use short intervals when cleaning teeth. Take 5-10 second intervals to pet.
  4. The total brushing action should finish around 1 minute. Always remember to make this habit a joyful one.

Why You Should Never Use Human Toothpaste?

There are two main reasons to avoid human toothpaste for cats.

Ingredients not safe – Fluoride is one of famous ingredient in human toothpastes which is not that much safe for cats. Other than this, there are several other ingredients such as xylitol which can be toxic if your cat ingested.

Foaming agents – Human toothpastes are usually filled with foaming agents. We use them to properly brush our teeth, and then we wash them away. But, cats do not know to wash them. Therefore, there is a high probability to ingested them causing to raise some medical issues.

Understand the core ingredients in cat toothpaste

Understanding the ingredients in a cat toothpaste can help you in a lot of ways. Based on the ingredients, you can have a fair guess about the safety of the product.

But, in a practical situation, it is not easy to learn all the ingredients and their respective function. Anyhow, there are several commonly used ingredients that may help you to have an idea.  

Silica – an abrasive to help remove debris from cat teeth

Sorbitol – sweetener as a flavour, a large amount could raise health problem

Glycerin – a binder to keep all other ingredients together

Calcium Carbonate – abrasive and whitening agent

Sodium Benzoate – to stop bacteria breeding in the paste

Sodium phosphate – Helps to prevent plaque formation

Dicalcium phosphate – Helps to protect teeth

Titanium dioxide – Helps to keep white colouring

Xanthan gum –  thickening agent in the toothpaste

Other than these ingredients, there are several more that you should know. These are the ones that you need to avoid. Without a proper vet guide, do not buy any cat toothpaste with these ingredients.

Fluoride – toxic when ingested

Baking Soda – harmful if ingested by your cat

Xylitol – could raise health concerns

What if your cat need dental care – 4 signs to check for a dental problem

The use of the best cat toothpaste is suitable for your cat’s dental hygiene. However, health problems could not stop 100% by it. So, you need to watch your cat’s dental condition carefully when your feline friend shows below warning signs

  • The cat seems to have some difficulty in eating
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Drooling or jaw chattering
  • Looks more aggressive than usual

If you notice these signs, then you should take your cat to a veterinarian for further analysis. Early detection of dental problems can help you to save a lot of money and your loved pets wellbeing.

Our reviewed list of selecting best cat toothpaste

While doing our research to find the best cat toothpaste and our top 5 selection, we reviewed 22 cat toothpastes in the market. We have included them here if you are interested in analyzing in your own way.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

A kit with an angled toothbrush to clean the small mouth of your cat. Denta-C included preventing plaque buildup. Help to prevent bad breath and tartar buildup. The company claimed as a veterinarian-recommended product. Flavoured toothpaste. No brushing required.

Check the price and other info from this link

Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Dental Water Additive for Cats

Suitable for bad cat breath. Effectively eliminate and control the bad odor coming from the cat’s mouth. Tartar buildup minimised and whitening your cat’s teeth with continues use (2, 3 times per week).

Clamied as natural ingredients with the taste of tuna fish. Recommended for both elder cats and kittens.

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Check the price and other info from this link

BlueStem Dog & Cat Dental Care Tooth Paste

Bluestem says their coactive+ based new formulation of food-grade ingredients could have much chance to fight plaque and tartar buildup, bacteria control and overall freshness in cat breath. They further state they cat provide study reports upon requests.

Chicken flaoverd and alcohol, xylitol, chlorhexidine and sugar-free. The toothpaste comes with a toothbrush.

Check the price and other info from this link

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste for Cats & Dogs

Non-foaming toothpaste with the ability to fight harmful bacteria in the mouth. Control the plaque buildup. Removes food debris and polish teeth. Poultry flavoured enzymatic solution to feel the delicious taste for your cat.

They say their enzyme formula safe to swallow without rinsing. For proper protection, company advice daily brushing.  

Check the price and other info from this link

Kissable Cat Dental Kit

All-natural type cat toothpaste. Contain a full dental kit, a toothbrush and a vanilla-flavoured toothpaste. Kissable cat toothpaste prevents tartar buildup and promotes healthy gums. The toothpaste safe for swallow and toothbrush customised to clean all sides of your cat’s teeth. This dental kit is good for both kittens and elder cats.

Check the price and other info from this link

CooZero Dog Dental Care Kit

This is an 8 in 1 dental kit. Package includes 2 toothbrush, 4 finger toothbrush and 2 toothpastes.  The toothbrush seems good for the back of the cat’s mouth and other hard to reach areas. Toothpaste includes the tartar and plaque buildup prevention and fresh breath maintainability.

The toothpaste made from a natural edible bone meal without foaming agent and sweetener.

Check the price and other info from this link

Pet Dental Care Kit with Brush, Tooth-Paste & Dual Finger Brush

Bad breath control, teeth decay protection, tartar build-up reduction, gum disease protection are several features offered by this toothpaste. The company claimed to show fast results with the proper use of the product.

The toothpaste beef flavoured. Recommended using the given toothbrush with the toothpaste.  The package consists of two toothpaste, one toothbrush with two heads and one fingertip toothbrush.

Check the price and other info from this link

Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste Kit

This kit has a finger brush, dual-head toothbrush with the toothpaste. As ususally,  provide protection from harmful bacteria growth in cat’s mouth. Helps to remove food debris and plaque. No foaming agents included.

Triple enzyme formula helps to clean your cat’s teeth effectvly and safe to swallowed without rinsing. The manufactures advice to brush daily for preventing mouth illnesses.

Check the price and other info from this link

Virbac Oral Hygiene Kit – Feline

Another great product from virbac company. This product has all the protection capabilities that we have mentioned in previous virbac product.

Further, this product comes with a toothpaste and a soft finger brush.

Check the price and other info from this link

Goodtrade8 Clearance Puppy Dog Cat Pet Toothpaste

A general-purpose cat toothpaste. Does not have many details about the active ingredients.

Check the price and other info from this link

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Pet Clean Teeth Gel

All-natural type brushless gel-based toothpaste type. Provide protection for periodontal disease while minimising the plaque and tartar buildup. Further, it helps to soothes minor gum irritation and manufacture claimed that product is a veterinarial approved one.

Check the price and other info from this link

Petzlife Products VetzLife Oral Gel for Pets

This is gel type cat toothpaste. All made from natural ingredients and eliminate most of the bad breath. Further, provide protection against gingivitis, plaque and tartar. Mint and salmon flavours available to select.  

Check the price and other info from this link

Pet Smile Professional Cat Toothpaste

Another toothpaste with good background. The comny stated that there are the first Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) awarded toothpaste for plaque inhibition. Pet smile cat toothpaste especially provide protection to reduct plaque.

The chicken flavored, proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide + minerals perform a fair job to protect cat’s teeth from several numbers of oral issues. Moreover, this toothpaste is good for type of cat breeds.

Check the price and other info from this link

Pet Republique Cat Toothpaste

Enzymatic pet toothpaste with 3 mini handles toothbrushed and 1 silicon finger toothbrush. The pet republique toothpaste is capable of freshens breath and gently clean away plaque and tartar. The toothpaste is made to feel the roasted beef flavour to attract the cat’s attention.  Does not need any rinse after brushing.

Check the price and other info from this link

Andy Anand Organic Enzymatic Fluoride & Xylitol Free Herbal Toothpaste

A herbal type toothpaste which can be shared amoung several types of pets. Freshens breath and control the plaque and tartar. Good for teeth whitens. Natural flavors with enzyme formula.

Check the price and other info from this link

Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray

This is actually not a toothpaste, but a dental spray that does the same thing. This one mainly focused to remove bad breath in the pet’s mouth. The ingredients are not toxic and grain, alcohol or pesticide-free. Has a taste that your pets will like.

Further, this spray eliminates tartar, plaque and gum disease-promoting bacterias too.

Check the price and other info from this link

VetriScience Perio Support Pro for Dogs and Cats

Perio support pro designed to use in veterinary dental cleanings to thoroughly clean plaque. But this is effective for home use too.  The product includes natural zeolites and other minerals to prevent plaque buildup.

Check the price and other info from this link

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