How does Purina one compare to 4health cat food?

Both the food types Purina One and the 4health cat food is tested by the AAFCO standard. They are considered as the balanced nutrition food available in the market. You can buy them and use for the growth of your cat and keep them in good health. However, both the products have received mixed reviews.

Compare the Purina one, and the 4health is considered the average cat food that suits all types of a cat but lacks some of the ingredients essential for the cat’s growth.

Purina One Cat Food

Purina one is a reputed brand in pet food manufacturing. There will be several questions that come to your mind when selecting the cat food for your pet.

 It is important to know that the real meat base case food is always good for animals. 

However, adding some grains to it would improve the protein content, which is good for your pet.

That’s why the Purina offers varieties of cat food that fulfills the need of different cat breeds. You can mix the food type according to your cat’s current weight and nutrition requirements. 


1) Purina Cat food focuses on the high protein diet that the majority comes from the real chicken. The meat supports to build stronger and leaner muscles.

2) The food provides easy digestion, so your cat will never have the stomach ache or health problem. 

3) All Purina cat food product promotes a strong immune system.

4) Filled with essential vitamins and minerals.

5) Comes with omega-six fatty acids which are suitable for healthier skin and coat.

6) Recipe is formulated for indoor cats.

7) No preservative is added to the container.

8) Food would have natural fibers that are good for digestion.

9) Complete food manufacture for the well-balanced nutrition needs of the cat.

10) Available in different flavours.


1) The majority of the Purina cat foods are made for adult cats. If you have a kitten, then you may have to get the other brand food.

2) Some cats may not like a recipe.

3) Food is dry so that some cats may ignore the food. They might prefer wet recipes.

4) Food may contain artificial flavours and salt.

5) The grin based food may cause allergies to some cats.

4health Cat Food

4health Cat food brand is known for its premium quality cat food product. They are focus on producing high-quality, well balanced, and filled with nutritious food.

It is grain-free cat food manufacture to provide natural food ingredients to the cat that they would love to it in the wild.


1) Well prices product that gives you good value for money deal.

2) Meat is the primary ingredient that contains a large portion of the food.

3) Food is free from wheat, soy, and corn.

4) Food is developed that suits all age of the cat. It means you can serve the food to the kitten as well.

5) No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives are used in manufacturing.

6) Contains real chicken with more than 34% of protein content.

7) Some food may contain pro-biotic, which are good for health.

8) Added hydration to your cat’s diet with zero filters.


1) Taste of the food sometimes feels unnatural, which the cat may not like to eat.

2) Not suitable for the cat with allergy problems. It may have a bad health effect on the cat.

3) Some product of 4health contains peas that may trigger allergies in the cat.

4) Food may contain guar gum, eggs, and carrageen that may not suit the cat. It may create health problems in your cat.

How to choose cat food?

When you have a cat as your pet, it is vital to take care of their nutrition need. Pet need a sufficient amount of nutrition during their growth period.

The lack of essential nutrition would result in a health problem, and your cat makes falls seek often.

Also, controlling their eating habit is equally important to keep them in good shape.

Overeating or under-eating both ways would cause health problems for your cat.

Developing the proper meal plan gives you complete control over what your cat is eating throughout the day.

How does Purina one compare to 4health cat food

Also, limit the food they eat during the day and let the people not feed them.

You should train your cat about mealtime. If they receive the food more frequently from a different person, they would gain weight at an early age and become obese.

The cat who gains more weight in the kitten age would find it hard to survive when they grow.

You would experience they have developed diabetes and many other health problems that may cause pain in adulthood.

Here are some of the tips on choosing the right type of cat food for your pet.

1) Knowing cat’s basic nutritional needs

You should consult with the veteran about the nutritional need of your breed of cat.

High protein food such as meat, fish, and poultry source are some of the best types of food that you should give to your cat (will they attract ants)

Taurine is good for providing essential amino acids.

Use food that contains other types of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids. A small portion of the water content would be good for the cat (what happen when drink too much).

Most breeds of cats do not require carbohydrates. However, you can serve them a small portion of corn, wheat, and rice to avoid the canned food.

If you regularly feed the cat from the canned food, then you should keep them in the refrigerator when not in use.

The canned food contains preservatives that sometimes react to the air and could become acidic when keeping at the average temperature.

Do not keep the canned food under direct sunlight. Always check the canned food before giving it to the cat.

2) Stay away from the cheap brands

You will find several cat food brands that market their food as the best food for the cat and come at a low price.

Do not get trapped into the price gimmick. You should check the ingredients and what type of food they mixed in the canned.

Cat food that comes at a low price is sometimes not good for the cat.

Nutritional food is expensive. There is a marginal cost that involves in producing the canned food.

If the canned food is marketed at a low price, there might be some nutritional content issues.

Some cheap food may contain more carbohydrates and less nutrition, making them fill the container with more quantity, but the type of food you serve is not good for the cat.

It may eventually impact the health of the cat.

If you keep feeding them cheap food for a long period, the cat could develop a serious medical condition, which could be an expensive affair for the cat’s owner.

Therefore, it is advisable to use only branded products or cat food from the company you trust.

3) Check the label of the Can food

How much-canned food should a 12-pound cat eat

The cat food should comply with the AAFCOs requirement. It is evident that the cat’s food is Complete and balance with the nutrition that fulfills the cat’s meal requirements.

Check the protein source. Look for chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef as a primary protein source. Some cat food produces mix the meat in the food.

Meat is not recommended protein source, so you should avoid such a product that contains the meat their primary protein source.

Finally, check the expiration date for freshness. Do not purchase the canned food which has a nearby expiry date.

The wet cat food sometimes gets stale. Use food that was recently packed.

4) Avoid vegetarian can food

Cats are carnivores animal that does not thrive when a vegetarian diet is provided to them.

Although most vegetables can be added to their meal, you should be selective about the vegetable you feed to your cat.

You can consult with experts to choose the right amount of vegetable diet based on the cat breed.

Not all cats would eat the vegetable diet, so do not force them to eat the vegetables.

Some cat food producer uses the mixed diet that includes vegetables and some portion of the meat.

The mixed diet plan would fulfill the cat’s nutrition requirement and give you the perfect meal for your cat.

5) Mixture of the natural and canned food

Keeping your cat completely on the canned food is not recommended. You should have a new meal plan that includes fresh fish, meat, turkey meat, etc.

The fresh meat would give you require protein for your cat and support in the faster growth. Comparatively, the canned food contains a large amount of preservative.

However, the preservative has never shown any side effect in any animal or the person in the test, but still avoiding a large quantity of the preservative food would allow your cat to grow with the natural food consumption.

The canned food goes through the quality check before AAFCO approves it.

The AAFCO standard contains a various test that ensures the food serves to the animal is in the right condition.

It must have the required nutrition that helps the cat to grow healthy. Food that passes the AAFCO is considered a safe product.

Some manufacture of the cat food uses the natural preservatives including the vitamins C and E. They are safe and provide health benefits to the cat.

6) High-quality grains:

There is a misconception that the cat only eats non-vegetarian food. However, this thought is completely wrong.

The animal nutrition requirement is somewhat the same as the human need. They need the right amount of nutrition content from the food.

If you do not provide sufficient food, they will fall sick and develop a medical condition.

Adding grains like corn, barley, or wheat fulfills the protein requirement of the cat. They need to gain energy from the food that they eat.

The grains are filled with a high amount of carbohydrates, which is an excellent source of energy.

You should keep the meat in the first category of cat food and use the liver meat in the second position, followed by the grains and plant-based meal.

Diving the meal portion into three parts will have the right amount of nutrition in the diet plan.

Keep the large part reserve for the meat and then add other protein-rich meals to the meal.


When comparing two cat foods, you should go with the significant aspects, including the nutrition factors and the user’s experience.

It is recommended that you should try both for few weeks and see the difference. If it is helping your cat to stay healthy, continue with the brand.

Both the brand has a good quality product. However, it would be best if you did not decide which one to choose by looking at the online reviews.

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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