About Us

Walk With Cat, is a cat website where cat lovers can get detailed expert advices and solutions for everyday cat problems.

The Walk with Cat program is initiated by team of friends (of course, all are cat lovers) who are skillful in different kind of industrial fields. Each member of the team has different kind of life experiences with their cats.

During the day to day life, as a cat owner, we all face unique situations. Sometimes, these situations are hard to face, sometimes there are happy ones.

In every cat situation, we always struggle to understand the correct meaning behind the scene. Anyhow, we may get some feeling about the situation with years of experiences. We believe every experienced cat owner can approve this argument.

Because of these situations, we always tend to call a friend, go to meet vets or search the web to find an answer. Right?

One day, our team of friends had a party and had a chat (we actually don’t remember how it is started J) about this cat matter. So in the discussion, we thought to create a set of resource to share with ourselves. Mostly about the products we used and their usability, points to consider when kittens are born, how to recognize health problem in early stage and so on.

Actually, our team had pretty good combination of people. As an examples, we can say there is a one who really concern and experts in analyzing and comparing, one is a cat mind reader who can understand pretty much everything that cat say (just kidding) and another one is a totally health expert. Similarly, our team had different skill set with different cat experience. So, the knowledge in all the members together was a huge.

Finally, our discussion was ended with a decision to create a website with our experience to improve not only our self’s but also others who are willing to learn or understand the life with cat.

Anyhow, we all knew our knowledge is not that much good when comparing the big cat knowledge in outer world. Hence, we always tried to improve our perspective with other expert’s ideas and advice by researching or contacting them.

We all loved to see a community build up around Walk with Cat, and try to give most accurate and useful information by evolving our team with many more cat experts and lovers.

Let’s meet our team and their interests

Meet Our Editorial Team

Chathurangi Nilushika Sandeepani – Brand Manager

Chathurangi Nilushika Sandeepani is an undergraduate in Material and Nano Science technology at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and currently working as the web developer and UX/UI designer. The lifestyle with pets always rewarding for a stress-free life. Nilushika loves to share his experiences and expertise among pets with WalkwithCat not just as a Brand manager, but also as a caring pet lover.


Piyumi Buddhini – Content Manager

Piyumi Buddhini is a graduate in electronics and IT field. Currently working as, a temporary demonstrator in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She is a well-experienced pet lover who raised more than 14 cats. Not only cats but doggies are her best pals too. Right now, she has 4 cats. 3 of them are kitties and the other one, the mother cat came from the street.  Mostly, she spends her free time at home with her kitties.  Other than her love for cats, she enjoys hiking and photography as hobbies.

ReseachGate, Linkedin

Dr. Tahira Mukhtar – Veterinarian Contributor

Dr. Tahira Mukhtar is a qualified Veterinarian with 4 years of experience (from 2016). Other than her life as a vet, she has a passion for writing. Especially about Cats and Dogs. Dr. Tahira contributes to the walk with cat community as an article writer and reviewer.

Dilani Samanthika Abhayaratne – Veterinarian Contributor

Dilani Samanthika Abhayaratne is a former Veterinary Medical Student at the University of Peradeniya. She is passionate about animal welfare and contributes her knowledge as an author for several blogs.

Getting in Touch

We would like to hear all the inquires about Walk with Cat contents to improve them as much as possible. So, if you like to give some thoughts, please contact us through our contact form. We always welcome new ideas and reviews.

Moreover, we are looking for qualified and experience veterinarians and writers in the field of cat welfare. If you are a person who would like to be a part of our Walk with Cat Team, then do not hesitate to give us a message.

email us at: mailwalkwithcat(at) gmail (dot) com