Comment Policy

Walkwithcat is a place for people to solve any doubts about their pet cats and learn how to maintain them with a good health. Unfortunately, some people in the comment section turn into bullies online. To make Walkwithcat a friendly community, we simply delete such comments. Consequently, we have received countless emails and comments from our community members who praise us for creating this type of friendly environment.

Walkwithcat Comment Policy

If a comment…

  1. Is unfriendly or impolite to the author of the post or any other commenter
  2. Advocates an illegal practice
  3. Uses vulgar, profane, or unnecessarily harsh language
  4. Is spam or appears to be written primarily to post a link or advertise
  5. Infringes on the rights of another
  6. Is written anonymously
  7. Contains copyrighted material not licensed for distribution on the site
  8. Impersonates another user
  9. Is off-topic

The comment may be deleted by the staff or authorized volunteer moderators. The deletion of comments is wholly within the discretion of the volunteer moderator or Walkwithcat employee, and their decision will not be reconsidered.

Note: We will temporary pause the comment section depend on the different technical upgrades, troubleshoots or in a moderating problems.