Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy and Standards

Since we started operations, we have dedicated ourselves to presenting precise and valuable content that serves and helps all people. Our editorial team always aims to ensure only the most accurate information.

Our diverse team of writers comprises people from a broad range of groups. We draw our writers and editors from an all-encompassing cultural, racial background. Our team includes different people with a defined balance of sexual orientation, ethnicities, and gender identities.

Content Integrity Promise

Our editing and content procedures are devoted to quality and reliability. Our group of writers, editors, and other specialists thoroughly research and review all material actively to ensure it is entirely up to speed, accurate, and above all, prioritizes the needs of our audience.

For each posted article, there is a byline to tell you more about its author and the date it was written. Also included is the date the information in the article was recently updated. Our internal teams create the illustrations and pictures used in the articles.

The internal team works with experts in the subject’s field written about. Editors, members of the Veterinary Sciences and Veterinary doctors, and other appropriate Check Boards review these assets regularly to verify their quality, correctness, and integrity. We don’t alter information in any manner that might make it deceptive or untrue.


We investigate all claims to verify the truth before publishing anything. All the relevant and qualified sources of the information are consulted to ensure that whatever we go ahead with is factual and doesn’t contain any misleading information.

Our expert fact-checking editors go through each news article to ensure there is no misleading information.


Each of our editorial teams is dedicated to telling our audience whenever there is a correction on an already published article. Whenever we spot an error, it is corrected immediately, and the readers are notified of the same.

Our editors are constantly refreshing our articles to ensure they maintain the same high standards they were written by. It is also worth noting that you can always contact us whenever you see an error to correct it as soon as possible.


For article sources, our authors and editors follow stringent guidelines. Case studies, government agencies, and academic and professional organizations are among the major sources we use. At least one trustworthy source backs up all pieces of data, statistics, and assertions.

We rarely use information anonymous or sketchy sources and highly discourage them. That helps entrench the factual nature of our content. Another thing we always strive to do when sourcing for content is to consider often ignored perspectives from the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and women. We aim to ensure our content represents all kinds.

Ethical Responsibility

We uphold the highest ethical standards with our content. We do not in any encourage copyright violations of any kind with our content. We aim to provide informative, unbiased, and transparent content to be a beacon to our readers.

That’s why we need all our contributors to abide by all the laws governing ethics in our field.

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