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Why Is My Cat Eating Litter

Why Is My Cat Eating Litter? | Complete Guide

Arnold Plotnick, a veterinary internist and feline specialist in New York, once stated that unusual behaviors such as cat eating litter could be a symptom of a severe medical condition. Therefore, paying attention to this kind of behavior is a must. We all know that cats do strength things in their day to day life. Sometimes, these things could be unpleasant. Such as eating litter. Well, if you observe this kind of behavior from a kitten, then most probably it…

Best Cat Litter Box For Small Apartment

Why I Select This Cat Litter Box for My Small Apartment

When you are living in a small apartment or recently moved into a narrow spaced one, then you might be wondering about having a small cat litter box to save your space. In this case, my selection is Top Entry type Modko modkat litter box. I have selected this concerning a few factors as explained in the below sections. There are a lot of cat litter boxes available in the market with different options. But, when you are moved into…

What Brand Of Cat Litter Is Flushable

What Brand of Cat Litter is Flushable? | ECO Friendly

We can say “World’s Best” (yeah, it is a brand) as the direct answer for what brand of cat litter is flushable; question. If you are interested in checking the reason for selecting this brand, then please go through the below sections that we have explained it briefly. Cat litter disposing of is one of the most concern problems in many cat lovers. Especially if you are living in an indoor room or apartment, then this matter can be a…

Remove Cat Litter Smell Using Activated Charcoal

Best Way to Remove Cat Litter Smell using Activated Charcoal

The smell coming from litter boxes are a prevalent and unpleased experience that every cat owner will experience. It does not matter how much you will clean your litter boxes. The ammonia smell will remain. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that all of you will like to know the best way to remove cat litter smell from your cat’s litter boxes. The answer comes with the activated charcoal or else activated carbon.   Removing bad odor from cat litter is not…

Why Do Cats Pee On Bathroom Rugs

Why Do Cats Pee On Bathroom Rugs? 3 Ways To Prevent It

Suddenly, your cute cat starts to pee on the bathroom rug, and you may have worried how to stop it. Well, it turns out that few adjustments in your home can really stop this inappropriate behavior. However, you may need to pay attention for a reason for this habit. If it is a medical condition, these approaches may not work.