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We can say “World’s Best” (yeah, it is a brand) as the direct answer for what brand of cat litter is flushable; question. If you are interested in checking the reason for selecting this brand, then please go through the below sections that we have explained it briefly.

Cat litter disposing of is one of the most concern problems in many cat lovers. Especially if you are living in an indoor room or apartment, then this matter can be a headache over time.

One of the best cat litter disposing of the method is the use of flushable cat litters. However, choosing the best cat litter that can be flush is not that much easy. Before going to select one, there are several key factors that you need to pay attention to.  

Why we need flushable cat litters?

From the statistics, it has been proven that a considerably large amount of cat litter being dumped into landfills annually. To be exact, its amount is 15 times more than human diapers that dump into the environment.

The problem occurs with the core materials used in cat litters. Mostly, manufacturers use clay as their primary material. Clay is not that good when it gets dumped into the natural environment.

Further, they tend to increase odor when get interact with natural water bodies and have a tendency to populate hazardous microorganisms.

Environmental problems

When it comes to cat litter dispose of, it should be carefully addressed. Direct dispose of has a high probability of destroying the environment.

Cat litter direct dispose around sea areas has been a big issue with natural life forms. There are some recorded cases where sea otters been to death due to some microorganisms called Toxoplasma gondii. The disturbing fact is; these microorganisms are thriving in cat waste. So, that means, sea otters could or been affected by these microorganisms through irresponsible cat litter dispose of actions.  

Further, most of the cat litters include various types of materials to smell it nicely, absorb litter smell, or reduce unwanted water-based reactions. Sometimes, to gain these properties, they used a chemical that has a direct environmental impact.

Notably, these kinds of problems occur with low cost and low-quality solutions.

Due to these reasons, flushable cat litters identified as viable and fewer hazard solutions. Since there are designed to directly flush into toilet pit, it does not instantly contaminate the surface soil or water resources.  

Even the United States Environmental Protection Agency approves flushing as a less harmful way than the direct dispose of the environment that can destroy our surface water and animal life forms.

Moreover, nowadays, there is a trend towards flushable cat litters that are biodegradable. This is a good step that many companies took to protect our environment.

Bad effects of flushable cat litter

Women who are expecting babies have a higher risk of contracting Toxoplasmosis gondii. It might harm fetuses that are still developing.

Companies who sell flushable cat litter do not always guarantee that the litter will go down drains. Your toilet pipes may become clogged if you flush a lot of waste at once, especially waste that expands after absorbing moisture.

On older pipeline systems, you must use this with extreme caution. They have a higher risk of clogging.

How we choose the best flushable cat litter?

When selecting a good brand for flushable cat litters, you need to pay attention to a few parameters. For this article, we have kept our analysis within these parameters

Natural or Artificial – You could think that natural cat litters could be flush through the pipeline. But it isn’t. Not all-natural or biodegradable cat litters possible to flush. So, it should clearly state in the packaging that this type is suitable for flushing.

Odor Controllability – This is a must requirement for all types of cat litter products. Therefore, we have inspected the brands which have an inbuilt feature to absorb the cat litter smell.

Environment Friendliness – We cannot stop 100% damage from the cat litter materials. However, we could minimize it to the least level by selecting a pollutant-free type. So, we checked brands and products that could give the ecofriendly approach.

Dustiness – Some cat litters can easily make tiny dust particles. These particles may cause serious health hazards. Since cat litters are superb places for harmful microorganisms, we should be careful to choose a one that does not promote dustiness.

flushable cat litter septic safe

The best flushable cat litter brand – World’s Best cat litter

Surprisingly, the selected brand’s name “World’s Best.” The cat litters offered by this brand pass most of our examinations. The World’s Best Cat Litter product is mainly composed of the corn. All the ingredients were natural and biodegradable. So environmental friendly.

Further, there are dust-free, which is a great deal when handling. Safe to use in both septic and sewer systems for flushing. Inbuilt odor absorbs capability and delicate texture that cats all-natural to like.  

Note: Even though this product seems likely the best one, it does have its own negative aspect too. To keep this product safe, you need to hold it at a cool, dry seal bag. Otherwise, there is a possibility to develop aflatoxin mold which is common in corn materials and causes bad health hazards.

However, in the overall view, we recommend this product as our best flushable cat litter selection. If you want to check the price and other info, then click this link to Amazon.

Our second best flushable cat litter – sWheat Scoop All-Natural Cat Litter

Without any doubt, our second recommendation goes into the sWheat Scoop brand. It has most of the features similar to the “World’s Best” brand. The main ingredient is Wheat. All other ingredients naturally biodegradable. Hence good for the environment.

This product is quite famous for its stronger clumping and natural odor elimination methods. There is a lot of good feedback for this product as an overly best cat litter.

Note: However, we selected this product as our second choice because sometimes, it can cause a bit of tracking and dustiness.

Check this link to see further details like price and usage methods on Amazon

Other recommended cat litter brands and products

During our research, we have found two more products that agree with our pre-mentioned parameters. So, here we thought to list them if you are interested in checking further.

All these products were environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and fully capable of flushing through your toilet lines.

Garfield Cat Litter All NaturalA light-colored litter types which will help to detect illness early in stages. Quite a popular choice in America.

Here’s the Amazon link for further info

Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat LitterThe main ingredients are timber or lumber materials. Excellent moisture absorbance properties included.

Check the price and other parameters from here

When not to use flushable cat litters?

Around Sea Area

If you are living around a coastline, then there is a potential to damage sea life through your disposable cat litters. This is because, most of the time, your waste could drain and end up in the sea.

coast line homes which does not good for cat litter

Government Regulations

Due to the concern regarding the environment and natural life forms, some American states and countries have stated laws that prohibit disposing of cat litters through flushing. They are advising you to dispose of cat litters itself.

Plumbing System Failures

Let’s assume that your home plumbing system continuously fails due to some drainage problems. Then our advice is not to use flushable cat litters in this kind of situation. The use of flushable cat litters could worsen your problems in the plumbing system.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a good brand for flushable cat litters is not that much easy if you are concern about your environment (and you should). You need to pay attention to several parameters to avoid the types of hazards that can cause through cat litters.  


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