Why I Select This Cat Litter Box for My Small Apartment

When you are living in a small apartment or recently moved into a narrow spaced one, then you might be wondering about having a small cat litter box to save your space. In this case, my selection is Top Entry type Modko modkat litter box. I have selected this concerning a few factors as explained in the below sections.

There are a lot of cat litter boxes available in the market with different options. But, when you are moved into an apartment, which is quite small or narrow space, then finding a suitable cat litter box could be tricky.

With the limited space available in the apartment or studio, your cat litter box choices could be limited too. If you do not pay proper attention to this point, ultimately you will have many problems due to a cat litter box which does not work out to your limited space.

Therefore, in this article, I’m going to tell you how I select a cat litter box for my apartment. I’ll explain everything I have done before buying a one and what I have done after purchased the litter box.

Do you have an idea about the ideal location for the litter box?

The ideal location for the litter box is out of the way but accessible to both of you. When it’s time for your cat to use the restroom, you must be able to quickly and conveniently clean the litter box. Although it may seem obvious, some people try to hide the litter box or put it somewhere where it is not visible, but this simply leads to additional trouble.

Selection of a cat litter box for narrow space – Think before buy

When you are ready to buy a cat litter box for your new apartment, as I mentioned before, you have to think a few concerning facts to select a suitable cat litter box.

You have to do homework research to have background knowledge. So in my research, these are the things that I have found as significant.

What type of cat litter box? 3 options available

I saw that there are three major types of cat litter boxes available in the market. There are pretty different from the outer shape, essential operations and price.

They offer very unique features due to their different design approaches. I bet some of these features may come handy in some small apartments.

Okay, let’s check out what are these three different cat litter box options

Top Entry Cat Litter Box

These are kind of a covered box type. As mentioned in the title, top entry means, your cat needs to hop into it though it’s opening in the top. That means cat need to jump into the litter box to do its thing.

Top entry cat litter boxes have very unique advantages due to their design approach. They do not stray litter all over the place. Quiet good for controlling the cat litter smell. Do not need a litter mat. 

The only disadvantage is that you need to train your cat for this different type of litter box. However, there are a lot of helpful insights available in the internet to do it properly. It’s not that much hard. 

For operation wise, I prefer this type over the other two options that I have explained in the below sections. Top entry cat litter boxes are useful in many practical aspects. Especially for a person who lives in a small or narrow space apartment.

Automated Cat Litter Box

Kind of a pricey option. But, it is a really refreshing approach to consider. Automatic cat litter boxes offer self-cleaning as their main feature. Further, I have seen that most of the products provide cat litter smell controlling ability too.

There is one more advantage in this type. Usually, we all use more than one cat litter box for our pet cat. Sometimes, with multiple cats, this number could be high.

In this case, if you could choose an automated cat litter box, then you won’t need an extra cat litter box. That’s because automated products capable of self-cleaning itself. So no need for extra cat litter boxes.

Even though automated cat litter boxes are somewhat expensive, above mention point can help you to save money in the long term.

cat litter box for studio

Hidden Cat Litter Box

I love this type. Hidden cat litter boxes have a nice outlook. Some options are really impressive. For persons who are really concern about the outlook in their small apartment, this is the product that matches their preference.

Despite the outlook, these type actually need some space in the apartment. Most of the nice-looking hidden cat litter boxes need extra cat litter box mat.

However, if you are willing to give extra space and a fan of the outlook in your small apartment, then I’ll suggest to check out my selection for best-hidden cat litter box option. 

Your budget vs quality

Well, budget is something that most of us concern. Right? I do not think that many people will just look for the quality without concerning the price tag.

My point here is to find the best product that is not too pricey. But, I’m willing to go for a relatively high amount, if the product and its brand is well-known. From my experiences, I know that right products with known brands tend to last for the long term period. It is really economical for long term aspect.

Further, I want my cat litter box to be the best quality since I’m going to keep this in my small space which will be probably visible to my guests. I do not need to feel the ugly and unsafe environment in my small area.  

My top selections as best cat litter boxes for a small apartment 

Alright…! Based on the points that I have mentioned, I have selected the top entry type cat litter box for my small apartment. Their overall operation and features were beneficial. Moreover, there are lots of good reviews from other cat lovers who use this litter box types.

Well, I know that all of you may not like my type of selection. Some of you can go to the other two types. Therefore, I have selected two more best cat litter boxes for those types. If you are interested in those types, please hop into below sections to find out more details about them.

Top entry type best cat litter box for a small or narrow spaced apartment

Modko modkat top entry litter box

The modern-looking slightly large design really looks beautiful for any place in the apartment. The most loving part is the first impression of the outlook. It does not give the poor or traditional design approach. Therefore, this top entry litter box can go in between any furniture in the apartment.

The minimalistic and modern look really took my eye. I think manufacturers did an excellent job to design this to match all type houses and apartments. The most important part is; this can place in any room (even in the living room) without embarrassing yourself in front of your guest.

Since this litter box has good room inside it, your cat will appreciate it. For your point, the litter box not that much big to cover a lot of area in your small apartment. So, do not misunderstand it as a big litter box which will limit your space.

Other than the outlook, this one inevitably produces the unique advantages that give by top entry type cat litter boxes. The litter tracking is minimum. Not 100% good. But, it is the best by far compared to other designs.

Further, due to the covered approach, the cat litter smell distribution is low. No need for a cat litter mat. Save money.

The Modko modkat top entry litter box comes with a friendly scooper. The built quality and usability is perfectly matched with the litter box.

One more thing that I have noticed is the height of the litter box. It is at a perfect level to add a relatively high amount of litter. Cats like to scratch litters very much. They want to hide their feces in deep. So, having the ability to add an extra layer of cat litter is something that your cat will like.

Further, it will reduce the cat litter odor dramatically.

You can check the prices and other information on this Amazon link. Do not forget to read the feedback from other buyers. They really help.  

Best automated cat litter box for a small or narrow spaced apartment

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

The automated cat litter boxes have the ability to reduce a number of cat litter boxes that you might need to use. As a rule of thumb, two cat litter boxes will use for a single cat. This is to avoid unnecessary circumstances that your cat might face when the litter boxes are cleaning.

The PetSafe automatic cat litter box is somewhat expensive than the other available types. Well, for the given features, it could be fair.

This U.S. based litter box goes for a straight month without any manual cleaning. Which is impressive. The automatic cleaning process makes this product is ideal for busy work-life cat lovers.

If you could check the Amazon product page, you could find lots of technical details for this item. It seems there are thousands of reviews for this product, and most of them are positive ones.

Best hidden cat litter box for a small or narrow spaced apartment

Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

As I mentioned in my intro sections, I love this type due to their unusual outlook. It is adorable and can keep in your living room without any problem (It might take some space).

However, I did not select this one because it does need a cat litter mat, and I suspect the overall build quality. It did not satisfy me as a long term product. Some user reviews were supporting my argument too.  

But if you are interested in this one, feel free to check it here.

Where are you going to place cat litter box in the apartment?

After you have purchased your cat litter box, then the main problem is to find a place to put it. Most of the times, small studio type apartments have a relatively small bathroom. Therefore, the bathroom option could be out of the choices for many cat owners.

Due to the many difference in apartments, it is tough to recommend a perfect place for every person. However, I could help you to find your best spot by yourself. What you need to do is find a place which does not have the following factors.

Humid Area

Humidity can cause problems with your cat litters. Our typical practice is to keep our cat litter box inside the bathroom. Well, the bathroom means a place full of humidity.

Now, the problem is, cat litters can absorb this humidity and enable a perfect place to grow mold. This is pretty common in organic type cat litters.

If you are using a cat litter made from corn, then my advice is to keep that away from the humid area. Corn-based aflatoxin molds can be toxic. The well-known “world best cat litter” brand is mainly made from corn.   

To address this issue, there are two solutions. The pretty easy one is to move your cat litter box into a non-humid place.

The other one is placing a dehumidifier near your cat litter box. If you are going to place the litter box inside the bathroom, then this is a viable solution. I have found this small dehumidifier from the Amazon. It will do the job.

Hard to access rooms – bedrooms/stores/auto closed bathrooms

A very common mistake that most of us tend to do. We may keep the cat litter box inside a bedroom, store or bathroom that use auto close doors. Now, the problem occurs when your cat could not access to its litter box.

Therefore, give it a thought before placing your cat litter box inside your small apartment or studio. It should have easy access all the time.

cat litter box for small kitties in apartment

Near neighbors’ rooms

Your apartment room can be surrounded by other people’s bedrooms. Neighbors, right…!! The problem comes with the thin walls which are pretty much vulnerable to sound.

When your cat starts to do its thing in the cat litter box, it usually digs the litters. Sometimes scratch too. This sound can be annoyed to others who live in neighbors’ rooms. Especially early in the morning and night.

So, it’s better to move your cat litter box away from neighbor’s rooms.

Poor ventilated areas

Proper ventilation is a concerning factor in small or narrow space apartments. Further, with the cat litter smell, the need for adequate ventilation is a must.

If your cat litters do not consist the odor controllability, then the bad smell could surround your apartments. One way to address this is use of a good cat litter product that controls the cat litter smell. Like I have explained in this article which is about activated carbon-based cat litters for controlling the cat litter smell.

If you have a window in your apartment, then you can place your cat litter box near the window. Without any doubt, it will help to control the litter smell in your small apartment.

How often you need to clean your litter box?

In order to be safe for you and your cats, you will need to clean your cat litter boxes daily. However, that does not mean that you need to replace all of your cat litters daily. What you need to do is, remove the scoop feces out of the litter box daily.

For the case of cat litters, it can remain a few days or week. Actually, it will depend on the properties of your cat litter type, the number of cats and the number of cat litter boxes that you have used in your apartment.

Moreover, when cleaning your cat litter box, try to use non-toxic detergents. Some general-purpose detergents are toxic to cats. Therefore, use a mild detergent type. Avoid products with ammonia or citrus as ingredients.  

Final Thoughts

Living in the small or narrow spaced apartment with a cat is somewhat challenging. Managing cat litter problem is can consider as the major concerning factor. However, with proper your own research, you could find the best cat litter box which could save space and time.


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