The Best Cat Treats Review 2020 | Selected

It’s natural to spoil your little feline with tasty treats.

And nothing is wrong with it, as long as the treat is not equivalent to cat’s junk food.

With the countless numbers of products in the market, it’s completely tiresome to find one that is nutrilicious: A made-up word with the meanings of both delicious and nutrition 🙂

To save you hours of research and multiple food experiments, I’ve consulted with multiple cat vets and have tested twenty-plus products on my own cats.

Here are five that fall under the definition of NUTRILICIOUS!

Best Overall: Orijen Tundra Cat Treats

Cat Learns to Dance

I’ve picked Orijen Tundra Cat Treats as the top pick for various reasons:

It’s one of the healthiest foods in the market, it’s affordable compared to other expensive cat foods, and it comes in multiple flavors.

It is mostly made of protein along with different types of vitamins and the quantity of artificial flavors is almost little to nothing. 

The product comes in a ton of flavors: from goat liver and boar to venison and arctic char. It’s almost guaranteed that you can find at least a few that your cat will find delicious.

The flavors don’t only taste different, but each flavor contains different nutrients. Some flavors have an increased amount of particular vitamin while others have more protein or omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s the least processed food in the market offering almost the same nutritional benefits as fresh meat.

The freeze-dried structure makes it easy to feed (unlike a liquid it doesn’t make a mess) and it’s chewy texture immensely decreases the chances of the bites getting crushed compared to other dry foods.

Orijen Tundra Cat Treats is the best option for most cats but if your feline has specific needs, analyze the options below to find the one that’s perfect for her.

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Best Cat Treats Recommendation – Top 5

Our Recommendations Brand
Best OverallOrijen Tundra Cat Treats
Best Crunchy Cat TreatTemptations Classic Treats For Cats
Best Budget Cat TreatBlue Buffalo Kitty YUMS
Best Grain Free Cat TreatInstinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Cat Food Toppers
Best Wet Cat TreatsPurina Purely Fancy Feast

Best Crunchy Cat Treat: Temptations Classic Treats For Cats

The Temptations Classic Treats is arguably the tastiest cat treat that is also packed with plenty of nutrients.

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This treat is not only irresistibly crunchy (that is super fun to chew) but it’s so soft and tasty that your feline won’t get enough of it.

It comes in 10 flavors (seven single flavors and three mix-ups of several flavors) so you’ll find one that your kitty loves.

While a big part of this product is to provide your kitty some tasty bites, it is still completely nutrient balanced.

It is low in calories, so you can replace some of your cat’s food with this product for enhancing the experience and reducing the calories.

This way your cat can stay healthy while enjoying a delicious meal.

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Best Budget Cat Treat: Blue Buffalo Kitty YUMS

This product is perfect for people who want quality treats for their felines but are under a tight budget.

At only $3 per two ounces serving it’s more than just affordable.

It’s not the healthiest product in the market, but with Tuna as its ingredient and with little to no artificial color, flavor, and preservatives it’s not at all “the cat’s junk food.”

Also, the soft and small bites are perfect for kitties obsessed with soft treats.

Overall, the product provides a great value for its price: A decent quality and a great taste at a very cheap price.

Note: Although we’re focusing on Tuna it comes in three different flavors, but the prices of those flavors vary.

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Best Grain Free Cat Treat: Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Cat Food Toppers

Instinct Free Dried Raw Boost Cat Food Toppers can work as both meals and treats.

Made with chicken and turkey along with food and vegetables, these bites provide your cat both; a hefty punch of nutrition and a finger-licking experience.

These freeze-dried bites pack a variety of tastes, which is perfect for most picky eaters.

Also, it’s grain-free and contains no artificial ingredients, thus making it an awesome choice for people who are concerned with the quality of cat treats.

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At first glance $12 for six ounces seems quite expensive, but it contains 40 servings of one tablespoon and few individual treats. I believe it’s fair to say that now it doesn’t sound that expensive at all!

Check out this cat treat from here.

Best Wet Cat Treats: Purina Purely Fancy Feast

Wet cat food is the most natural and freshest food type. It is usually the most expensive type as well.

Wet treats are the type of treats that are least likely to contain chemicals and artificial additions. 

Some cats can’t take artificial food at any level. They require all-natural food to be happy and healthy. Purina Purely Fancy Feast is the perfect choice for these felines.

There are no artificial preservatives and flavors, and it’s made of white chicken and tuna broths only.

Cats like both Tuna and Chicken, so the ones who feel icky even by a little artificial flavors will love this product’s taste and feel happy and healthy.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related Cat Treats

To provide some info related cat treats I’ve answered some essential treats related questions.

best cat treats for sensitive stomachs

1. Can I give my cat treats every day

Yes, as long as the amount doesn’t cross the daily calorie intake by %10 it’s okay to give your cat some tasty treats daily.

The amount should only exceed %10 if the treat is made of almost nothing but natural food like chicken meat.

2. Can too many treats hurt my cat?

Yes, cat treats become dangerous for your cat’s health when it exceeds the daily calorie intake by %10.

It’s okay to exceed this number if you use the treat that’s made of almost natural food only.

The options that are good for increasing this amount are Orijen Tundra Cat Treats, Instinct Freeze-Dried Raw Boost Cat Food Toppers, and best of all Purina Purely Fancy Feast.

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3. Can Cats Become Addicted to Treats

Yes, cats often get addicted to treats.

The indicators of your cat becoming addicted to treats are as follows:

They may stop eating their usual food

They start meowing and growling more often

They become aggressive and start hissing, scratching or biting.

How to help them overcome this addiction

There is no one rule that will work in all cases so try all the tips I’ve mentioned in the same order for the best result.

Try a new treat: Swap the treat that your cat has fallen in love-with with a new one that tastes noticeably different.

Your cat might feel less enthusiastic about this one and decides it’s not worth making all that fuss.

Use treat-dispensing toys: Make her earn it. Use toys like treat dispensing balls or treat maze to feed her.

Only give her the treat once she has played with the toy for a long period. After a couple of times, she will realize that to get treated with a tasty treat first she’ll have to play with the toy for a long tiring period.

She may find this playing to treat game tiresome and decides to stop fighting for treats.

Treat at specific times: If you’re guilty of giving your cat a tasty snack whenever she asks, then stop doing it immediately!

If she still doesn’t stop demanding, only give her these snacks as a reward for completing a task.

Give the reward at a specific time daily and don’t give it at any other time no matter how much he cries for it or demands it.

4. Is it okay to feed human food as a treat?

This one is a big NO! Your feline gastrointestinal tract is unfamiliar with spicy and fatty food, and feeding them with such rich and dense food can cause inflammation in the pancreas or other serious illness.

You should also avoid feeding food like garlic and onion as they’re harmful to your cat’s immune system and are capable of causing death.

Final Thoughts

A good treat should be delicious and healthy. It should be full of nutrients and vitamins.

All options in this post are healthy enough to be used as treats and some can even replace a big portion of the meal.

Read all the options thoroughly, and choose the product that makes your feline feel ridiculously happy and deliciously healthy.

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