Why black cats with orange eyes are so special and unique?

The cat would have different shades of color, and it changes as they grow. When they are a kitten, usually, their eye color looks blue. As they grow, they adopt the color from the genetic information and change to the natural colors. 

Some black cats do develop orange eyes in their adulthood. However, not all black cats would have the eye color described as orange. 

The shift in the color happens from green to hazel to orange. Sometimes it turns to copper. 

The eye color of the cat comes from the specific pigment found in their iris. The light reflects specific color, which makes their eye look orange.

What are the characteristics of the Black cat with orange eyes?

The black cat with the dark orange eye looks very attractive. Many blacks cats are known for their friendly nature. They love to live around the homeowner. You will see them playing around you when you are working or doing a home chore. The kind nature of the cat makes them the best pet in your house. 

When you are upset or need someone around you to spend time with, the black cat would be a great partner who will entertain you to uplift your mood. 

Black cats are very responsive to the human voice. They will react in different ways to a different voice. 

Their observation skill makes them learn faster and become more active to the voice command.

Cats are great learners. They adopt the environment quickly and create their way to deal with a different situation. 

They remember when you are working when you give food, and how you react the certain activities. 

Their ability to observe the pattern in your behavior makes them stay away from the trouble. 

When you are at home, they will stay calm and respond immediately to your voice command. 

And you are away from home, the cat becomes explorer, and they start looking around the home experience the new stuff around the house. 

Can Black Cats have orange eyes?

Yes. The black cat with orange eyes or a similar shade of eye color is the most common pattern. Primarily the black cat would have yellow and copper eyes. In any case, the black cat would have the yellow or the orange color as it is their natural color of the eye. 

However, the final color depends on two things, the pigments of the eye and the environment. In some cases, the cat-eye color changes due to environmental impact. 

The cat adopts the new environment and adjusts the pigment in the eyes to match the surrounding temperature and avoid long-term damage to the eye. 

Some black cat-eye born with the orange color later changes the eye color when they become adult. Their eye turns white or the blue. You will see many black cats with white and blue eyes. 

Are black cats with orange eyes rare?

No. The black cats with orange eyes are not a rare breed. You can find several black cat breeds who develop their orange eye color in adulthood. Their eye turns dark orange and looks fantastic when they are fully grown. The black cat with the orange eye color is a more attractive species in the cat category. 

Demand for the black eye with the orange eye is rising. However, when you decide to purchase the black cat with the orange eye from the pet shop, do your research to understand which breed you are buying. 

Now all black cats are similar or single breed. Every breed of the black cat would have different characteristics. 

The size and fur quality would be different based on the breed type. Knowing the breed and its origin would give you sufficient information to decide between buying. 

Some mixed cat breed appears black with the orange color eye, but they change their eye color as they grow. 

The mixed-breed is not natural, and they get their appearance and color from the genes. As they change the environment, the cat develops a new pigment that makes the black cat-eye look blue or white. 

You will observe the black cat with the orange eye is changing its eye color. Initially, the eye color would be dark orange. 

As the days pass, the shade of eye color becomes dull and turns to light orange. Some cat entirely changes their eye color from orange to complete white or blue.

What color do black cat eyes get from the genetics, bright or dark orange?

The intensity of the black cat with the orange eye receives the color from genetics. It is part of their genetic information that they have received from their parents, similar to human genetics. The eye colors are based on the cellular structure. 

When the cats are a kitten, they would have white or the blue shades of an eye. As they grow, they start getting the eye color change based on genetic information. 

If the cat has more melanin, then the cat will have darker orange color in its eyes. The melanocytes contribute to the color of the eye. It makes the eye color more intense. 

What breed is a black cat with orange eyes?

A black cat’s orange eyes are ubiquitous as they are found in different breeds. Some develop the orange color naturally based on their origin, and others are genetically modified breeds that look black with orange eyes. The diverse options are available in the black cat with the orange eye, making them the most common cat in this category. 

Here is the list of the black cats with orange eyes.


It is a mid-size cat with a dark black color who has an intense orange eye. The cat is the outcome of the crossbreed between Burmese and black American shorthair. Bombay is the best pet to have in your home. They are very friendly and jell with the children, dogs and other cats. The cat would have a soft velvety coat that is easy to groom.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is found in different colors and shades. Black is one of the colors which it gets from genetics. Rather than solid-colored, the Japanese bobtail breed would have a light shade of black with short hair fur. 

The lovely shade of black color makes the cat more attractive. Mid-size Japanese Bobtail is playful and affectionate to the human. 

It is the best pet to have in the family that makes everyone enjoy the cat. 

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is known for the folded ears. The shape of their ears is received from the genetic mutation. Scottish fold would have the rounded head and big sweet orange eye. The fur of the cat would be short suitable for quick grooming. 

The medium size build quality of the cat makes them more agile. Cat breed is friendly with the human, which makes them the best buddy in the home. 

They can get along with everyone and loves the people who pet them regularly. If you are looking for a calm and playful pet who follows you wherever you go, the Scottish Fold is the best option for you.


The Persian cat is originated in the Victorian era. The fluffy breed of the cat is most popular among cat lovers in the US. The mid-size cat makes them the best cat in the category. 

The cat is very expressive of the emotion of the human. You will observe them respond to the voice command with their purr sound. 

They observe your activities and place them in the center to get the attention of the people around them. 

They are known as lap cats as they like to sit on the lap and spend time close to the human. Due to the light size fur, the cat main requires a good grooming session. 

It is a high maintenance cat that would need weekly special grooming sessions with lots of love.

American Bobtail

American bobtail is developed using the selective breeding practice to achieve the desire black color with an orange eye. 

It is a domestic cat with a natural bobtail. They are genetically stronger to survive in harsh conditions and various environments. 

American bobtail is intelligent cats with playful nature. You will find them playing in the room with the stuff they found around them. 

Kids would love to spend time with the cat as they are very responsive. The cat breed is found in different sizes. 

American bobtail would love to be in the group of other animals such as dogs. They will enjoy the playful time with the dogs and other cats.

British Shorthair

Another great breed in the black cat category is British Shorthair. The breed is known as the British Blue because it is found in blue eye color. 

Now they have several mixed breeds that offer a wide range of options to cat lovers. 

Pure black is one of the colors that you find the British Blue cat. The cat would love to be around the owner and show their empathy to get the food. 

It is a playful cat-like other and enjoys the room filled with the stuff to play with them. British blue is always alert to the noise and activities happening around them. 


The oriental is another cross-breeding cat made of using the Siamese and American or British Shorthair to get both the cat’s breed. It is known as domestic cats due to their body structure. 

A slim and active cat that is always in the mood of climbing the stuff around them. They will jump on your kitchen while you are working to see what you are preparing for them. 

With a triangular face, tall ears, and slender legs, the Oriental cat appears more attractive. It is one of the first choices for the black cat lover due to its adorable nature. 

It is a loving cat that can be kept in the group of a cat. They love companionship and enjoy living when they have partners around them to play and eat food. 

What does a black cat with orange eyes mean?

The black cat with the orange eye is obtained from a particular type of pigment developed in their tissues. They are generally genetic information that cat receives from their parents. In cross-breeding, the cat obtains both the partners’ genetic information and a modified version of the cat is developed. 

The orange eyes show the light reflects all other colors when it reaches the cat’s eye except the orange, which gives it an intense orange color shade. 

What are the most popular black cats with orange eyes?

  1. Tica
  2. Pixie
  3. Luke
  4. Wiley
  5. Hobart
  6. Fawn
  7. Smirnoff
  8. Pepperoni 
  9. Muffin
  10. Claudia

Here are the names of the most popular black cats with orange eyes found in pet stores. Every cat has their unique characteristics, which makes them different than other cat breeds. 

Where can I buy or adopt a black cat with orange eyes?

You can visit the cat adaptation center, where you can find different types of cat breeds at an affordable price. Check the adaptation center if they have any breed with black fur and orange eyes.

Black cat breeds are prevalent to find one of the breeds in the nearest pet store. Contact the store and see if they have a specific black cat breed with orange eyes.

Some pet stores arrange the shipping from the other step and get you the specific breed of cat for you. You should ensure that the cat breed you are looking for is the perfect one that suits your need. 

Several cats breed that looks black with orange eyes; however, they all have different characteristics. Do not get confused while selecting the cat.  Do your research before buying the cat and make a wise decision based on your requirements. Black cats with orange eyes are adorable, and they would make your family enjoy pet time. 

Piyumi Buddhini

Piyumi Buddhini is a graduate in electronics and IT field. Currently working as, a temporary demonstrator in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She is a well-experienced pet lover who raised more than 14 cats. Not only cats but doggies are her best pals too. Right now, she has 4 cats. 3 of them are kitties and the other one, the mother cat came from the street.  Mostly, she spends her free time at home with her kitties.  Other than her love for cats, she enjoys hiking and photography as hobbies.

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