Myths debunked: Can calico cats have tabby kittens?

Can a calico cat have a tabby kitten? A Calico is a domestic cat in various breeds and has a tri-color coat. Sometimes, this tri-color calico color combines with a tabby pattern, a distinctive M shape on its forehead, and stripes across its eyes, cheeks, and backs. This combination is popularly known as a Calibby. 

Can a calico cat have a tabby kitten?

You might be wondering if a calico cat can have a tabby kitten. A calico and a tabby cat are already cute and eye-soothing individually. But if you combined them to make a kitten out of it, it will be so much amazing! 

A calico cat is a domestic cat that has a tri-color coat. It is not a breed. A calico cat can be of various types. 99.8% of all the calico cats are female. A male calico lives lesser than a female one, and there is only 1 male in every 3000 calicos. 

On the other hand, a Tabby cat is a domestic cat. It has a distinctive M shape on its forehead and stripes across its body. It is not any breed; a tabby pattern is- found on many cat breeds.  

There is always a possibility that a calico cat can have a tabby pattern in its coat. Similarly, a calico cat can give birth to a kitten with a tabby pattern coat. It all happens because of the XX chromosome, but it is unpredictable. You cannot breed calico cats or tabby cats either; only nature can produce them. 

When a calico cat gives birth to a kitten and has a calico tri-color coat and tabby signature patterns together, we can call it calibby. Again, there is a chance your calico cat might give birth to a tabby kitten. 

Some Facts About Calico Cats

Calico cats are very playful and cute feline. There are some cool facts about calico cats that you might not know. Here are some facts about them: 

  • Calico is not a bread: Well, I guess you know that already. You will find different breeds of cats to become calico. Orange, black, and white are the most common colors in calico cats. 
  • You cannot breed them: Unfortunately, you cannot possibly breed them no matter how pretty they are because male cats are rare and are born sterile. They are only- produced naturally. 
  • They don’t share personality traits: Calico cats come from different breeds; they do not show particular personality traits. 
  • They are lucky cats: According to folklores, calico cats are- considered lucky charmers because they are so rare, and people from different parts of the world used to think they could bring good luck. 
  • Represent a US State: Calico cats officially represent the US state of Maryland. They were selected- as official Maryland feline because of their orange, black, and white color. 

Can a cat be a tabby and a calico?

A calico cat has a tri-color coat. The color can be either: orange, black, and white, or cream, black, and brown. A tabby cat, on the other hand- has a unique M shape on its forehead and stripes all across the body. 

A cat can be calico and tabby together; it can have the color palates of a calico cat and unique strikes of a tabby cat. We call them a calibby cat. Calico cats have different types- calibby is one of them. 

Different Types of Calico cats

There are mainly three types of calico cats we have seen yet. The following list contains different types of calico cats available to date: 

  1. Standard Calico Cat: These calico cats have a white coat with an orange and black splash. 
  2. Dilute Calico Cat: They have a light color coat mostly: white, large spots of smoky grey and brown color. 
  3. Calibby Cat: A cat with calico tri-pattern color and distinct tabby patterns all over its coat.  

Different Types of Tabby Cats

You will find different types of tabby cats too. The following list contains the types of tabby cats: 

  1. Classic Tabby Cats: They are known as blotch tabby; these cats have swirl patterns on their coat. 
  2. Mackerel Tabby Cats: These tabby cats have the patterns of a tiger; thus, they are called the tigers of the tabbies. 
  3. Spotted Tabby Cats: When you see a tabby cat with spots on its coat- rather than patterns, you will know it is a spotted tabby. 
  4. Ticked Tabby Cats: They do not have M marking on their forehead; only bands and stripes on the legs and tail. 
  5. Patched Tabby Cats: They are a combination of tortoiseshell and tabby patterns. 

What are the differences between calico and tabby cats? 

There are some subtle differences between calico and tabby cats. They are- completely two types of cats based on their looks, characters, and traits. They have some similarities too. 

A tabby cat has a tri-color splash on its coat. The name calico originated from a fabric from India that had multiple color patterns. It occurs almost exclusively in female cats from different breeds. Tabby cats are pretty common cat patterns, but they are famous for their distinct M pattern on the forehead. 

Calico cats are mostly female: 99.8% of all calico cats. Only- one male in every 3000 calico cats. It is because male cats have only one X chromosome. But, this is not the same for tabby cats. There are both male and female tabby cats. 

Do calico cats give birth to tabby kittens? 

A calico cat can give birth to a complete tabby kitten. But this is unpredictable. It can give birth to a cat combining calico and tabby called calibby. 

What is a Calibby?

When a cat has a coat color combining a calico and a tabby, we call it a calliby. Its coat has a tri-color splash of calico and unique patterns of a tabby cat. 

Final Words 

A tabby is famous for its M-shaped stripes like a tiger with its stripes. Calico cats are already renowned as lucky charmers from ancient times. If you have a combination of both, I wonder how you draw your eyes from your cat!

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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