Can Calico Cats have blue eyes?

Calico Cats is often considered the most fascinating creature in the World. These are tri-colour cats that are combined into one. However, normal house cats are in a single colour, such as brown, black, or white, but calico cats are different. Not just colour, but they look cute and are called a lucky charm for the people. 

What’s more? Calico cats are extremely popular in different parts of the World, such as the UK and Japan. Since their people believe that they have powers that benefit their owners in numerous ways. Besides that, many people believe that these adorable cats have different shapes, sizes, eyes, colours, and personalities. So, let us read the whole content to know the real facts behind it. 

The origin of Calico cats

Calico Cats origin is still unverified. However, there is the belief that they originally found in Egypt for the first time, and later they migrated to Mediterranean port cities like Italy, France, and Spain. However, there is no specific background related to the effect of its tri-colour, variations in fur, and colour of eyes.  

Despite that, the patches on the cats determine the domestic cat’s migration along with the trade route. In October 2001, the calico cats had Maryland’s official cat. Although, they were called tortoiseshell due to their resemblance. Basically, Calico cats have 25%-75% black, orange, and white skin fur. However, sometimes you can find them in a mix of grey and cream colour combinations, a pattern of three colours. 

The Genetics contribution in Calico Cats

Usually, every creature has 2 chromosomes, such as X and Y. In the female cat, there has two chromosomes, X, while male cats have one X or Y. With these chromosomes, the gender of the cat is determined. For instance, if the father passes X chromosomes in female X, the cat will be female, while the cat will be male if the father passes Y Chromosomes. However, in the case of calico cats, there will be three chromosomes that identify the fur of colour, eyes color, and more.

What colour of eyes does Calico cat have?

Calico are house cats with tri-colour fur in their body. However, the cost of calico is often white, brown, and black. When it comes to Calico cats eyes, you can find them in various colours, not particularly blue. They have blue, green, yellow, or in between. Regardless, you will not need to confuse it with tortoiseshell.  

However, diluted cats are the type of calico cat where you will find different patterns that seem to change. In this type of calico cat, the pattern of black turns into dark grey and orange becomes pale tawny, and brown turns into beige. Thus, their eyes come in various arrays. 

Does blue-eyed Calico Cat Cost much? 

Usually, the blue eyes of Calico cats look eye-catching, and most people love to buy that one. Thus with the increase in demand, the breeder may increase the price of Calico cats since they are rare. If you want to buy, you need to buy between $700-$1,500. Moreover, the price depends on the location where you are buying from. So, by keeping all these things in mind, the eye colour of calico increases the price of cat. 

Well, it is common for a kitten to have blue eye colours, but later it will become darker or lighter, influencing the price of calico cats. 

Are blue eyes rare among Calico cats?

It is the most asked question from the people that is blue eyes rare among calico cats. So the answer is not sure since kittens usually have a blue colour, but later it changes when they reach their adult age. Thus, certain calico breeds have blue eyes. 

Besides, certain calico cats are born with blue eyes, which will likely to change in 6 weeks after the birth. It is said that cats are the only animals that look great with blue eyes. Moreover, most beauty gurus try their best to have caty eyes that look simply awesome. 

Does Calico cat eyes stay blue? 

Calico cats that are born with blue eyes are often temporary. Thus, for kittens, having blue eyes is common, but they are likely to change when they enter the adult age. It should be noted that genes often determine eye colour. White cat has less pigmentation, so they are more likely to have blue in colour. 

Why do rare male calico cats have blue eyes? 

Generally, blue-eyed male calico cats are rare, and it is because 99.9% of females have unique chromosomes. Thus, male calico is rare, so having blue eyes male calico is rare. However, in many cases, the chromosomes determine the color and gender of the eyes. 

The Bottom Line

So, with the above discussion, we learned that Calico cats have blue eyes at the time of their birth, but it will change when they start growing. But only rare calico stays with blue-coloured eyes. 

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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