Can cats eat and drink with a cone on?

Well, if we imagine, it doesn’t seem very easy for a cat to drink and eat with a cone on. However, it can be possible with a bit of help, and your cat will be able to eat. A cone should be fit, but the cat can manage to eat and drink through a bowl with her tongue. Your cat might refuse to eat and drink when cone on; in such a case, you can help her out from this. 

Why does a cat wear an Elizabethan Collar?

An Elizabethan collar is a cone or shape of a cone made of plastic that use to protect her from injuries. This collar is suggested to prevent licking and chewing of her body if she has injuries or skin infection. On the other hand, an Elizabethan collar is used to prevent your cat from surgical wounds or injured area’s infection.

However, many cats get easily into the collar and know how to use it, while some do not. Thus, you have to help them supervise how to eat and drink while cone on. 

How long does a cat need to wear a collar/cone?

Basically, it depends on the wounds/injury nature. If the wound takes time to heal, she has to wear a cone until it is not healed. If you want to eliminate the time to wear a cone, make sure you follow proper doctor’s instructions to recover her wounds. Besides, you can ask her doctor about removing and using a cone so she doesn’t feel irritation. 

How do you help a cat eat and drink with a cone on?

Here I am suggesting some good techniques to help you since I used them when my cat was in the same situation. 

  1. Ensure cone is properly fit

If your cat is in need of an Elizabethan Collar, then ensure it is fit to her neck. You can even ask an expert who can assist you select the right collar for your cat. The cone should not be too short and long since it will become heavy for them to take off. Ensure that the cone should not allow a cat to lick her body. In a nutshell, you need to use a cone that is comfortable for her. 

So to ensure the proper fitting of the cone, take the measure of length from the base to her neck, including width. With proper measurement, you won’t find loose or tight cones. Check the cone can easily move from her mouth and enter the neck. The major fact is to check the cone that ensures your cat drink and eats properly. 

  1. Make settings of food and water for your cat

After having the collar, your cat may feel a disturbance to eat and drink. Thus, it is essential to keep her eating bowls 2-4 inches above then than the ground level so that she can take her feed. Depending on the cat’s health and feel, you can benefit her eating and drinking. Suppose your cat is clumsy, then you can keep the mat beneath the food and water so that she drinks water properly and doesn’t create a mess. 

You can use a saucer to make things easier for her. For more comfort, you can pamper her while eating or give her help when she needs it. If your cat doesn’t eat with such hard efforts, you can take advice from the expert. 

  1. Give Relaxation to your cat

If you see the cat’s wounds are getting healed, then you can start giving her Relaxation by removing the cone for a while. If you want to do this so, you need to check with her doctor first. Do care of all things in this certain period, so she feels well instead of in pain. Try to cut cone time at night so that she can sleep well. If she has to wear a cone for a long time, she will be used to it soon and start eating with a cone.

How do you help cats to eat wet food with a cone on?

If they use cones for the first time, then introduce them carefully, so they quickly become easy. Hold the cone near the cat’s face and carefully put it on their neck without hurting them. So whatever your cats want to do, be it eat and drink, they can do comfortably.

When you make things easy for them, they will become easy. After this, make sure to give your cat wet food. You can serve them in the context of reward. At first glance, make sure your cat wears a cone for a short time. Later you can increase if the cat needs it. But the cat feels uncomfortable while wearing ensure to take care of these things and return to short use of cone timings. 

Whenever you think cone is mandatory-you can bribe them by serving wet food just like we do with babies. If you see your cat is getting comfortable, you can start increasing its time. And don’t fall in emotions; if the cone is mandatory by doctors, so do it properly. 

Can a cat drink water with a cone on?

Yes, it is easy to drink water if they are wearing comfortable E-collar. Your cat indeed feels annoying when wearing an e-collar for the first time. But as long as she wears it. However, you will need to ensure that you are always there to help her while feeding food to them. 

Your cat can manage things, but it would be a great help if you help them accomplish their starvation during e-collar. In case everything seems complicated for you and your cat, then calling the veteran can help you. You can even look for alternatives that you could use; see this

How does a cone-friendly cat bowl help you?

A cone-friendly cat bowl helps your cat to enjoy a meal, even with a cone. Many cat owners have bought this already and found it convenient. Besides easiness, the bowl will offer you easy meal intake without tip over. Thus, your floor remains clean, and it reduces your efforts. 

How much food should a cat consume post-surgery?

If your cat is undergoing surgery, then you should serve your cat less meal or half of the quantity of your cat’s normal Schedule. When the surgery is completed and the cat returns home, feed your cat quickly but not bigger. Just go half of the normal quantity. 

Besides, you should use maple on the cat’s gums if your cat is not eating food or drinking. You should check the diet with your doctor, as you should not perform anything by your mind. This might become harmful for the cat. 

If your cat is not eating food, then serve water, so dehydration does not affect us. Pay attention that “you are not allowed to force your cat to eat something” whenever she feels thirsty or appetite, she will inform you. 

You can even ask the cat’s menu from the doctor to avoid any complications. If you think the cat is feeling irritation due to the collar, remove it for a while to comfort. 

Can you leave a cat alone with a cone on?

No, it is not recommended. It is because your cat might get stuck easily in a cone. Moreover, it will be hard for her to wear the cone alone and get another injury. If you think your cat is outdoor or you want to go out in an emergency, then take the healing pads with you. 

The Bottom Line

Cats are like humans. They feel pain, irritation, and loss of freedom when they operate. Thus, to keep things easier for your cat, you will need to support eating and drinking them well. Besides, you can find alternatives to the cone. 

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Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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