Do big cats eat domestic cats?

This is the most asked question from our readers- Do big cats eat house cats? Finally, we have come up with an answer that YES. They eat domestic cats if they are suffering from starvation. If wild cats are driven by a hunger for long, and they have no medium to complete their needs, they will kill house cats. Besides, there are lots of things you can learn about cats, lions, and more. 

In this article, we bring all the questions together related to the topic of cats. If you’re interested to know about cats, then read it till the end. 

Can a big cat attack a domestic cat?

Yes, they can. The big cat looks like a tiger that attacks its domestic cats. They do not care about whether the cat is from their own family. When they are hungry, they take seconds to decide to kill their small pets. However, while attacking their domestic cats, they need to struggle hard, as they are very fast in climbing and jumping. Thus, they can save themselves too. 

Therefore, it rarely happens that wild cats become successful in killing cats. The animals like lions, cheetahs, and tigers often hunt for deer, giraffes, and elephants as they are big and remove their starvation. Hunting a small cat is like wastage of energy to them, but if there is no alternative, they kill the cat. 

Big cats like lions live in Jungle and sub-Saharan Africa. It is said that they often kill those house cats who are near to death. 

Do big cats eat house cats?

Yes, they eat house cats. Regardless, it happens rarely. Since big cats live in Jungle and they have many alternatives to fill their stomach while domestic cats live in the city. Another reason it rarely happens is that big cats believe in hunting big, not in wasting energy on domestic cats. 

What about lions, tigers, and domestic cats?

Have you ever imagined what would happen if domestic cats lock with tigers and lions cages? Perhaps nothing will happen, or it would become the lunch for them. Lions are the king of Jungle, so anything can happen. 

If we read out tigers, they are brutal since they eat their own cubs if they are starving. So, with cats, it is normal to kill wild cats. The human context about starving fits here.

Do lions eat pet cats?

Lions are apex predators and stand on the top since they consider as kings of the Jungle. They are obligate carnivores animals that cannot survive without flesh. They eat anything related to meat to survive. Thus, we can say that tigers/lions eat house cats. Other animals like leopards, jaguars, etc., eat anything they want. 

With research, tigers and lions do not eat house cats. However, if there is a situation of food scarcity, they might consider eating house cats. But most they search for the big hunt which is deer, giraffe, etc. Therefore, you can say house cats are not preferable to hunt for lions and tigers. On the other hand, cats have inner sense, so they can guess something big is to happen. So they just turn their tail and jump or climb up the tree. 

However, it sometimes works wrong for cats since both cats and lions feel the sense and result in poor outcomes for cats.  

What predators eat domestic cats?

There are many animals that prey on cats. Owners who have domestic cats in their homes should be aware of predators who can make a hunt for your pet cat. The potential predators are the wide and varied that prey on house cats such as wolves, owls, hawks, eagles, snakes, cougars, and coyotes. 

Even some dog breeds hunt for cats. However, not every animal attacks cats since some animals are very defensive and sense the behavior of others. But sometimes, it can be a painful thing for cats. 

Would a Cheetah eat house cats?

A cheetah is called a big cat or wild cat that is known for being the fastest animal among all. Cheetah mostly eats small to medium-sized mammals such as impala, guinea fowl, and hares. They hunt by their sight. Once they spot their prey, they make a superior jump to catch the prey and accomplish his needs. They often eat their meal fast. 

However, on talk of eating house cats, we would say yes. Well, it happens not much, but if they are starving, they attack pet cats. If you see cheetah around your home, then ensure your pet cat is safe. 

With that said, it is proved hunger is the only evolution that turns two individuals/animals (be it separate or same family) they come against each other.

Do lions recognize domestic cats?

Not rare. Both lion and domestic cats have similar physical features and somehow have the same personality and skills. However, the only difference one can make is HUMANS. They specialize in identifying the differences, but animals do not have such power. They don’t recognize themselves. 

Wild cats, lions, and domestic cats don’t care about their family. If wild cats feel hungry, they kill house cats. Moreover, there are many more similarities between wild cats and domestic such as sleeping, sense of smell, playing, hiding foods, hunting, stalker, and kneading. 

What is the difference between wild and domestic cats?

Despite physical attributes, below are the few differences between a wild cat and a domestic cat. 

· Brain Size- Wild cats and domestic cats are not the same in their brain size. They are different. Wild cats have an inevitably larger brain than house cats. 

· Pupil Shape- Domestic and wild cats have different pupil shapes. Domestic cats have slip pupils, while wild cats have large felines/round pupils. 

· Roar and Purr- Domestic cats sound less and purr while wild cats roar like lions and tigers. The reason is that they have automatic differences in the throat. 

· Aggression- Domestic cats are less in aggression as compared to wild. It happens because pet cats usually live a better lifestyle than wild cats. Wild animals do not have humans to care about their needs.

Why does my cat eat cake?

Your pet cat eats cake since she has taste buds that make her happy. The cake is not toxic for cats, and it is not a good thing to feed them. But yes, if you drop some few pieces, it would be found. Otherwise, it hurt her.

Cats do not have to sense like humans, and they do not taste like them. For instance, if you ask humans to eat cake, they indeed love to do that while cats are not much happy. Cats don’t like much sweet, or maybe they don’t feel taste. 

Another thing that comes to place is cats prefer to eat food that is 86 degrees Fahrenheit which is the same temperature as her tongue. And this could be the reason cats are enjoying or not enjoying cakes.  To know more click here

The Bottom Line

So, to conclude the statement, do cats eat domestic cats? We can say that YES. Nevertheless, it happens rarely and on time when the wild cat is out of food and has no alternative. Just like lions, wild cats eat house pets to fulfill their needs. We hope this post has added great knowledge to your beliefs. 

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Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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