Do cats eat with their eyes closed?

Undoubtedly, cats have captivating and endearing attention that makes your mood cherished. If I consider my personal example, I would definitely say observing a cat’s activities is one of my favorite activities if I feel alone. And while observing them closely, I saw that they often close their eyes when they eat food. Have you ever noticed this? If not, then you must check their interesting behavior because we humans do not do this. 

If you are looking to answer why your car eats with its eyes closed, then keep reading it as I will explain all the facts/reasons behind this phenomenon. 

Why do cats close their eyes?

Cats are very intelligent animals that talk in various ways, such as using their tail, ears, and eyes. If you see your cat’s eyes are closed, you often observe them in a more comfortable position. 

It said that closed cats’ eyes often indicates that your cat will feel safe. Moreover, cats closed eyes doesn’t mean they are not attentive; in fact, they are grooming themselves and enjoy what they’re doing. 

Despite this, closed eyes often indicate health issues such as infection, eye injury, or more. So, if you are interested in reading about reasons why a cat closes his eyes, then read on.

Do cats eat with their closed eyes?

When cats eat food, they often feel relaxed and enjoy their meal. It is true when they get their favorite food in the bowl, they become more relaxed and enjoy every chunk of the meal. 

Not only for enjoyment, but cats are intelligent, and they often close their eyes to keep themselves protected while eating. 

You know that while eating food, it sometimes creates a mess which may cause a threat to his eyes. For example, your cat is eating meat with his cutting-sharp teeth, and if it could fly into the eyes, accidentally this may hurt them and affect their regular functioning.

Moreover, cats often protect them from flies that may hurt them and will take every opportunity to affect their eyes. Despite- that, kittens close their eyes while feeding off from their mother. This is because their eyes are small at starting 8-12 days and don’t open clearly.

Do cats close their eyes when you talk to them?

Have you ever noticed your cat blinks when you talk with them? Well, in my personal experience, it happens. Well, it is true cats can’t understand the language of their owners, but they understand the owner is talking with her. Thus, they often blink when you establish eye contact with her. 

On the other hand, studies show that eyes are the most crucial signals in human-to-cat communication. If you see your cat’s eyes narrowing down, it means she is emotionally associated with that conversation. However, sometimes it often can be of tiredness.

They close Their Eyes When You Pet Them, because it makes them feel good and helps them to relax.

The act of touching helps cats and their caretakers develop a bond. Since cats are not naturally trustworthy creatures, owners must earn their respect. Cats trust you when they close their eyes while being petted.

  • Standing tail purring
  • Kneeling with the forepaws
  • Relaxed alignment
  • Forward-facing ears
  • With their head, they move are the displaying signs when you pet them

Cats want to be always vigilant, keeping their senses acute and their eyes wide open so they can run away from danger. Cats feel you don’t pose a threat to them or intend to hurt them when they close their eyes.

Do cats close their eyes when they sit?

It is pretty normal when cats sit. They close their eyes just to keep her relaxed from daily chores. If they are around their owner, they feel more comfortable and relaxed with them since they know they are pretty much safe. 

Research shows they are most likely to have a rich sleep with slow-wave. It is much deeper sleep than usual. However, this sleep is essential as it releases a heavy amount of energy in the body to hunt, play, and run. 

Despite that, the cat often lies with their heads and paws to relax their muscles and keep them rigid in the slow-wave sleep. One must don’t believe that if a cat’s eyes are closed, they are not awakened. They are still attentive to what’s happening around her. 

You will see cats often exhibit this sleep behavior throughout the day, especially during cold days. 

Do cats close their eyes when grooming?

According to animal experts, cats groom themselves when they feel safe to do this. They should be on the high-alert and are comfortable closing their eyes while cleanliness. Cats often groom themselves not just to keep them comfortable but to avoid embarrassing situations. This is like self-medication to them since it relieves stress and heaviness from their fur. 

In addition, cats close their eyes due to their contentment. Despite that, eye-closing is the sign that your cat is going through an uncomfortable process, especially when they have long hair. 

Does your cat suffer from health problems?

Apart from enjoyment, your cat might suffer from health problems such as eyes infection, sickness, and more. If this results in diagnose, then you must pay attention to it. Here I am sharing a few infections that make your cat sleepy or might be in pain. 

· Eye infection- cats can be prone to several eye disorders such as glaucoma, uveitis, eye ulcers, and conjunctivitis. 

· Eye injury- Cats often get hurt due to several conditions that often include symptoms such as blinking of eyes, yellow discharge, bleeding, etc.

· Respiratory infections- cats often suffer from respiratory issues that include symptoms like fever, tiredness, wheezing, watery eyes, closed eyes, runny nose, etc.

If you see your cat is infected, then check with a doctor or give her antibiotics to prevent harsh issues. Furthermore, it will increase your recovery chances. 

The real fact is cats often close their eyes in a day; all you have to do is identify the right cause of doing this. 

How are the closed eyes sign that they are enjoying food?

Eating something that gives the cat good taste gives her satisfaction, and she closes her eyes. One of the things that my cat do, if I give her constant favorite food on time frequently, she feels happy and full with her stomach. This further gives her a sense of fulfillment. 

Despite eating food in the presence of the owner or other household people, they close their eyes to enjoy the food with happiness. You can even relate cats with humans, as they carry the same feeling about their favorite food to eat at hunger time. 

How do cats find food in their bowl with closed eyes?

This is important to know. Thus, to clarify this question, we spoke to Burgess Petcare. They said domestic cats often have poor near vision than far vision. But they eat because of whiskers since it includes a number of receptors to make out the things and eat food. 

Cats recognize their food by the place where it is placed. However, their senses and whiskers let them know what they are eating and enjoying in the meal. 

The brilliant fact is, even blind cats know and enjoy their food. Therefore, one can conclude that only satisfaction is not there to enjoy the meal. Cat’s vision and whiskers allow them to have a good meal. 

Why do cats close their eyes to protect themselves?

Cats are smart, and they have incredible features so they can keep themselves protective when they need. For instance, my cat knows how to protect herself from flies, debris, and bits. This is another reason she closes her eyes while eating food

When you remember cats as predators, you can easily know how they protect themselves. It is easy to encounter several flies and debris over her head, but she knows how to manage this stuff. Although closing their eyes is one of the best strategies to remove the threat and avoid injuries. 

What does it mean when your cat looks at you with one closed eye?

These must be the signs of affection, trust, and relaxation. If they are looking at you in the one-closed eye, they are about to sleep and have an incomplete relaxation mood. 

Wrapping Things Up

Finally, we have summed up eating food is a much enjoyable experience for cats. Cat demonstrates her behavior and poor health with closed eyes. Therefore, owners need to check out their cat’s behavior. Domestic cats have a sensory system that often works with closed eyes. 

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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