The science behind the stunning blue eyes of grey cats

Grey cat with Blue eyes has something special about their eyes. When you look at their eyes, they look like a deep ocean. Cat eyes are very talkative, and it seems they want to speak something. 

The dazzling blue eye is a very unusual character in the grey cat. When you Looking at their overall appearance, it is easy to see why more people are drawn towards the grey cat with blue eyes. 

A lack of pigment generally develops the blue eye in the cat. Usually, all the kittens are born with blue eyes because their eyes would have less pigmentation until they turn six weeks old. 

As they grow older, the eyes start adopting the natural color. When the production of melanin begins generating, the cat-eye starts changing its color.

Some grey cat breed would have recessive albinism gene, which contributes to the development of the bright blue eyes. On the other hand, cats with an extra gene could block the coat color and produce the while color eye. 

How rare is a cat GREY with blue eyes?

Due to a mixed breed of different cats, the rare form of a cat is very few. However, you will not find the original breed of the cat in a specific color. In most of the case, the breeding is done based on the demand of the customers. 

If the demand for the particular breed goes up, the pet shops produce more cat breed that has high demand in the market to earn more profit. 

Therefore, find the grey cat with blue eyes would not be difficult. However, in some regions where breeding is not possible, specific types of cats might not be available. 

You may have to import them from other states to get them delivered to your doorstep. 

The pet shop owner would help you to get the grey cat with the blue eye from their network stores at the best price. While purchasing the cat breed, ensure that you are selecting the correct type of breed. 

Many breeds look grey with blue eyes. Understand their origin and the environment that they require to stay healthy. Some breeds are sensitive to the change in temperature. 

The cat fall seeks if they suddenly move from the cold temperature to the hot sunny temperature. 

What breed of cat is GREY with blue eyes?

Kittens are born with blue eyes, and as they grow, their eyes change color. As they reach adulthood, their eyes would have changed to natural color. The cat that doesn’t change the eye color would have the genetic inputs that produce blue eyes. In the mature cat breed, the production of the pigment melanin occurs.

Here is the list of the famous grey cat with blue eyes.


The Balinese would produce blue eyes due to their genetic structure. When they turn mature, their eye color starts becoming more intense. The light reflects from the corner of their eye, emitting the bright blue color. They always have deep blue color throughout life. 

The Balinese is the genetically modified breed of Siamese cats. Balinese are known for their intelligent and playful nature. 

A loving breed would have many shades of color, and grey is one of them. The Balinese can make great family pets in the house, which is loved by children as well.


Birman is an attractive grey-colored cat breed with blue eyes. The long-haired cat would look amazing in the coat. 

The cat is found in six different colors of the coating. You always find the white mittens on its paws.

So when you want to identify the Birman cat breed, look for the white color on the paws. If we talk about the characteristics, the Birman is a sweet and playful breed. 

They love to stay close to the owner. They are known as lap cat as they immediately jump to lap when they see a person sitting on the couch or a chair. 

Birman loves when someone pets them. Birman is quite a cat, and their vocal is less noisy. You will hardly find them producing meow sound when they are at home. 

They wait for their owners to feed them and show empathy when you are around.


The Himalayan breed is produced by mix breed of Siamese and Persian cats. Not many pet lovers recognize the cat is separate from the original Persian cat. 

Therefore, many people get confused when they see the Himalayan first time and believe it is a Persian Breed. The Himalayan cat breed is found in different colors. 

Grey is one of the common coat colors found in the breed. Their blue eyes make it more attractive, and coat fur looks soft. 

The Himalayan grey cat with blue eyes is playful. When they are at home, they would love to explore new things around the house. 

You will mostly find them sitting on the chair or sofas. They mimic their owner’s habit and try to reserve their owner’s place and not allow others to occupy the space. 

The breed needs extra care of their health and grooming session. Their large size quote requires more attention to keep them in perfect condition.

Ojos Azules:

Ojos Azules is a Spanish word that means ” Blue eyes” in English. The Ojos Azules are born with blue eyes as their genesis support the development of the essential pigment in their eyes that gives them the blue color to the eye. 

Their eyes are generally found in the deep shade of blue. You will not find the pointed or solid white coloring like other cat breeds. 

The cats are one of the breeds in the blue eye category that develop the deepest blue eyes.


The Persian cat breed is most popular in the blue eye category. Their soft and silky coats make them a distinct cat breed among similar-looking cats. Smushed face with an attractive personality makes the Persians family cat. 

They are easily recognizable cat breed and has high demand in the pet lover. The grey Persian with the blue eye would make an amazing pet. 

The grey coat with the blue eyes combination makes the cat look extraordinary.

Additionally, the characteristics of the Persians make them the most loving cat. They are very calm and undemanding. You will find them roaming around the home quietly when no one is around. 

When they see their owner, they will follow you in the home, observing all your activities. They stay calm and do not produce loud meow sounds, so it never bothers you from the sound. 

Persian is known for cuddling as their fur makes you sleep peacefully when they are around. 

The Persian cats are like snuggling up in their owner’s lap. They love when someone shows affection towards them. Grooming is a must for the Persians; otherwise, they develop a health problem. 

Their large size fur attracts more bacteria which may cause a skin problem. It is vital to have a maintenance grooming plan for the Persian to prevent them from getting sick.


Ragdoll is known for its laid-back nature. They do not like to get into physical activities. You will find them lying around the home. They only show their activeness when they are hungry and want to eat food. 

The appearance of the Ragdoll would mesmerize you. Their soft large size fur and blue eyes make them look charming. The big blue eyes are engaging. 

You would love to look at them continuously and explore what they are trying to say. 

The ragdolls are friendly cat and love to be around the human. When there is a guest at home, they will try to meet more people and enjoy companionship. 

They are not afraid of a new person. You will see them jumping on the lap of the person finding the best place to sleep. They like it when some pet them.

With a friendly nature, they are quite intelligent as well. Often they are compared with the dogs. If you want them to perform tricks, they would demand good food. 

They easily get bored with the common stuff around. If you want them to be active, you should get some new stuff in the home to explore and try for a few days. 

Special care is needed to prevent various diseases and illnesses. 


The Siamese is the most popular cat breed found in this category. The grey Siamese with blue eyes looks charming. It is the first choice of cat lovers when they want to have a cat as their pet. 

Its striking almond-shaped, grey fur and blue eyes give the cat a more exciting look. Her elegant physics makes it a social cat. 

The Siamese is a curious cat breed that looks for new things around the home. They love to explore the region and places in the house and outdoor. 

They are often found around the home, in the garden, on the trees, or on the roof. 

When there guest in the home, they will try to be the center of the attraction. They are brilliant in making people enjoy their time being with them. It is a cuddling cat breed that loves to sleep on your bed at night. 

If you are not giving them attention, they will produce a loud Meow sound to avoid getting ignored in the discussion. 

They are vocally loud, so you cannot miss them. When the owner is around, they will follow them all the time, giving you the company while doing the home chores.

Snowshoe Cat:

The Snowshoe cat breed is produced by cross-breeding of the Siamese cats and American Shorthair. The cat breed always has blue eyes. 

The cat’s name is taken from their white pow, which looks like they are dipped in the snow. Because they are crossbreed from the Siamese, the Snowshoe cat has several common traits that you find in the Siamese. 

The Snowshoe cat is social and would love to stay close to the human. They love it when people try to hold and cuddle them or pet them. 

They like to join with everyone around and be part of the discussion. The cat breed is brilliant and vocal. 

If you do not give them attention, they will get bored and move to the corner, sleeping. They easily get bored.

Where can I buy or adopt a GREY cat with blue eyes?

There are several ways you can buy or adopt a grey cat with blue eyes. When people want to buy a cat, they look in the nearby adoption center where the rescued cats are placed. In the US, people love to get the rescued cat and make them their pets. 

Grey cat with blue eyes might be available in the nearby adoption center. You should contact the authority and see if they have any breed that looks grey with a blue eye. 

Sometimes the adoption center provides a cat from their network in the other cities and brings the cat for you. 

These cats are generally put in the cadges until they find the owner. The cat in the adoption center is cheap compared to the cat purchased from the pet store.

Another way to get the grey cat with the blue eye is by purchasing it directly from the pet shop. Pet shops generally have the most popular breed. 

Grey cat with blue eyes might have high demand in the city, so there are high possibilities that you will get the breed from the pet store. 

Sometimes, the pet show owner contacts the other network petshop to find if they have a similar breed and arrange that cat breed for you. 

If none of the above solutions works, then you can look at the social media sites. Some people put their cat’s pictures on social media sites. 

Look for the people who share too many cat pictures on their social profiles. These people might have too many cats at their homes and may show interest in selling one of them. 

This way, you can explore more people online and contact them to get the desire cat breed in your region.

A Grey cat with blue eyes is a great pet to have in the home. Your family would love to have the breed in the house that makes your day enjoyable. 

Your children would love to spend time with the grey cat with blue eyes while playing.

Piyumi Buddhini

Piyumi Buddhini is a graduate in electronics and IT field. Currently working as, a temporary demonstrator in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She is a well-experienced pet lover who raised more than 14 cats. Not only cats but doggies are her best pals too. Right now, she has 4 cats. 3 of them are kitties and the other one, the mother cat came from the street.  Mostly, she spends her free time at home with her kitties.  Other than her love for cats, she enjoys hiking and photography as hobbies.

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