How much is a fertile male calico cat worth?

Male calico cats are popular as the most attractive cats compared to other cats’ breeds. With their uniqueness and beautiful appearance, they are huge in demand and acquired at very high prices across the globe. However, due to the shortage of male calico cats, eventually, its sale price got higher up to $1000 to $2000. So, with the help of this post, we will identify the worth of a male calico. 

A quick note on Calico Cat

Calico male is an Americancat that is usually called a fur Cat. It often relates to tortoiseshell, but there is a huge difference between them both. Calicos were discovered for the first time in Egypt and then spread to Europe to Asia. Calicos are regarded to be the guardians of saints and Pharaohs in two places.  

Many people have faith in that Calicos are the lucky charm for them as they are good to protect themselves from dangers since the Calicos have a rare pattern. Most often, Calicos have different colors pattern such as black, red, blue, and orange. These can be a rare breed than the other house cats, which are often full black, white, and brown in color. 

Another surprising fact you might see is that some calicos have six diverse fur colors. If you see the difference in their fur color, only then can you recognize the difference between Calico and normal cats. 

Why are Calico cats rare?

Male calico cats are often rare as compared to female calico cats. The average ratio of male Calico cats among females is 0 0003%—basically, male calico cats innate with three chromosomes (XYZ) from their mother and father. If cats have two chromosomes, they are considered normal cats, while if their parents have irrespective breeds, calico cats happen. 

Calico cats have tricolors, mainly brown, orange, and white. Their appearance looks more attractive than normal cats, and they do not undergo the synthetic process. They have an exceptionally natural appearance. However, most Calico cats have Klinefelter’s syndrome, which makes them cats more sterile and sick for a long time. 

How much are male Calico Cats worth?

Finding the specific price for a calico is quite challenging as most people with bad intentions often increase their selling price. To come to the point, we have already done the small survey and found the real facts such as its price by asking from friends and many people from another region. Thus, we come to know the real worth. 

Well, the price of a male Calico cat is slightly upper than you think. If we go generally, the price of a handsome Calico cat can be range in between $1000-$2000. However, the worth sometimes can go higher and down, subject to the place and person you are buying from. 

On the other hand, the worth of the calico cat depends on the buyer’s wallet. If the price is higher than your pocket, then you might be unable to buy and vice versa. Mostly, if the male calico is fertile cat, it would cost $2000, but they are very unusual to find. 

In a nutshell, the significance of a male Calico cat might rely on the breed, such as is purebred or random-bred. However, fur color does not play a crucial role in identifying the male calico, even if the cat has different colors. 

It is important to note random-bred cats are worthless. However, on the other hand purebred are worthy. Purebred is traded up to $500-$1500, depending on the quality of cat. However, if the male calico cats come from Russia or Savanah, you might need to pay higher. 

The Breed of Male Calico

Male calico cats have distinctive colors, but they are not only the signs of separating their identity (male or female). A total of 16 breeds of calico cats are there in which male calico cats can occur among any of the breeds. So, look at the breeds that have calico coloration.

American shorthairsJapanese bobtailsManxPersian
British shorthairsMaine coonsNorwegian Forest catScottish folds

The personality of Calico Cat

Calico cats usually refer to coloration, not with the breed. So, keeping this thing in mind, the Calico cats have a good personality and can be determined by breed and various factors such as experience and environment. Plenty of stories claims that Calico cats are very sweet, loyal, and warm-hearted. 

On the other side, people called Calico cats crazy pets for water. Calico cats love to have fun in the water and are often found near the water, so you will keep seeing them enjoying that might delight your eyes too. 

How long do Calico cats live?

Due to a study on Calico cats, we have found healthy cats often live 15 years more than unhealthy cats. Well, it is to be noted that living a longer life often depends on the cat’s breed, and this rule of thumb applies to calico cats too. 

Unfortunately, the Calico cats with three colors often suffer from Klinefelter’s syndrome, and this situation negatively impacts the health of a cat. Look at some of the problems that affect the syndrome.

  • It has a poor impact on cognitive abilities that might lead to behavioral changes.
  • Reduces mineral content in bones that can lead to broken bones. 
  • Increased body fat further leads to body pain, heart disease, and joint pain. 

Well, with Klinefelter’s syndrome, it is hard to predict male calico live longer. But yes, special care and help can lead to living healthy. 

How do you care for Calico cats?

Whether you have a healthy Calico cat or a female, it is important to care for them. So, for this, you must follow the given steps. 

  • Take them for a regular check-up with the doctor
  • Get a cat insurance plan
  • Feed them properly
  • Care their needs

The Bottom Line

With the above discussion, we hope you got to know how much the fertile male calico cat is worth, as it sells at a good price and is often considered as the lucky charm. However, fertile male calico cats are rare as compared to females. Thus, they are in huge demand. 

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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