How to Make Scrambled Eggs for Cats?

Cats are physically and emotionally beneficial to their owners. Living with and caring for them can also be a great experience and very entertaining. Owning a cat is beneficial as it provides balance, emotional well-being, and unconditional love. It is also a great pleasure to spend time in the company of these funny creatures.

Cats provide people with meaningful social support, improve physical and psychological state, increase the level of happiness and decrease stress. So, it is our responsibility to take care these cute little ones as much as possible. Providing better food is one way to secure their good health.

Therefore, we are explaining the way of preparing scrambled eggs (which is considered as a high protein food) for your loving kitty and its longterm usage effect.

When it comes to egg foods, the raw eggs are not eaten by humans much because of some possible health risks.

Among the many diseases that can occur, E.coli and Salmonella are the two most serious ones that can cause significant damage and even death.

Cat Learns to Dance

Thus, most of the time you may fry, bake, scramble boil or poach eggs before give it to your cat.

Are eggs good for cats?

As we all aware cats are carnivores in nature. Due to the fact that cats are carnivores, they grow mainly on proteins. So that they really need natural proteins, vitamins and fats. Since eggs are rich in natural fats and proteins, obviously it is a good meal for your cats.

Unless your cat is specifically allergic to eggs, then it is safe for your cat to eat cooked eggs in moderation.

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Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a food dish made from eggs stirred or beaten together in a pan.  Then gently heated, typically with salt, butter, and sometimes other ingredients. But when we are making scrambled eggs for cats, we need to avoid those extra ingredients such as salt, butter etc.

In fact, nutritionists believe that eggs are the most perfect source of protein for animals.

The sweetness of the scrambled egg is crucial. If you are making scrambled eggs for a cat, do not mix it with herbs, salt, pepper or other spices. You should also avoid butter and oil in the cooking process. They will be too fat to handle your pet.

Further, an adult cat needs about 400 calories a day, and with egg yolk, you can cover a most of them. The majority of the net mass of the egg is in the yolk. Therefore, it is best to separate it and give it to your cat.

How to Make Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are somewhat different breakfast recipe for cats. Remember, it is not suitable to use butter, oil or seasoning. And also you should avoid adding milk to prepare the scrambled eggs even it is your traditional method of making. 

To make scrambled eggs, you need eggs, a small piece of Bacon (if you need high protein diet), a non-stick frying pan and a plastic spatula.

Process of making scrambled eggs with simple steps.

  1. Choose a non-stick pan to make up for a small amount of oil
  2. Once cracking an egg into the non-stick pan, start frying it on low heat
  3. When the egg is little cooked, begin to mix it up in the frying pan
  4. When it becomes half cooked stop the cooker
  5. Keep it cool, and it will be ready to serve
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The best choice is to use a nonstick pan and just scramble the eggs in that without the addition of any fat.

If you feel like your cat is not interested in eating this scrambled egg, you can add a small amount of Bacon to it. And also keep in mind that high amount of Bacon is not suitable for the cat’s health.

If you follow these steps for making scrambled eggs for your crazy nut, kitty, it will be full of success in its healthy life. If your pet is feeding healthy throughout its lifetime, the domestic health will keep forever.

egg as cat food

Further, this is a proper diet to make your cat fat and fluffy. We have another article explaining the whole fat and fluffy process here.

However, you have to note that high cholesterol and fat are bad for cats. Egg yolk is very rich in cholesterol and calories. Medium size egg contains about 7.5 g of protein and 5.1 g of fat. Simply put, natural fat is almost the same as protein. Excessive amounts of eggs or egg-based ingredients may not be healthy for cats for the same reason as humans.

Therefore, you need to pay careful attention not to feed to much scramble eggs for your cat.

Final Thoughts

DIY type egg recipes are one of the popular food options that cat parents tend to use. They do have proper protein amount that cat help your cat’s health. However, excess protein can cause several health problems in long term use, such as kidney disease. So, careful usage is a must with DIY type egg recipes.

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