Kissing Your Cat on the Head

Kissing your cat on the forehead is the safest, compared to mouth and nose kisses. However, it will depend on your cat. While some cats will even initiate the kiss as a show of affection, others purr away or even retaliate aggressively.

Honestly, every cat owner has either kissed or wanted to kiss their cat as a display of affection. It relaxes your mind and emotions when you are stressed or tensed. So, how best can you kiss your cat on the forehead, and what alternatives are there?

Do Cats Like Kisses on the Head?

Some cats like kisses on the head; others don’t. If you have several cats, you will attest that cats react differently to affection, and they show love in different ways.

Just like humans, it is crucial to understand cats’ language to bond with them well. If your cat appreciates a kiss on the forehead, have brief bonding moments with him, kissing his forehead.

Signs that your cat might love a kiss on the head include:

  • The cat initiating the kiss, kissing you all over the face.
  • The cat coming close to you, rubbing its head against you and looking at you for signs of your reaction.
  • When you move your mouth towards it, it leans closer to you.
  • The cat is always around you, following you around and sitting on your lap whenever possible.
  • Letting your feline friend rub your cheeks and face without fear that you will turn to it. This gives them confidence that you are safe.

On the other hand, if your cat likes a bond that features some distance, try to enjoy that. Here are signs that your cat might not appreciate forehead kisses;

The cat gives you a kitty blink from afar and will not come close to you.

The cat sits on you, but when you touch it, it runs away.

The ears turn straight and rigid, and it looks straight ahead as if it is alert about something.

The cat appreciates your touch and cuddle but seems tense when you move your face closer to its forehead or face.

Kissing Your Cat on the Forehead

If you want to kiss your cat on the forehead, there must be a mutual understanding between you and the cat. Most essentially, only kiss a cat that you have already formed a bond with.

Here are general signs that your cat has no problem with you kissing their forehead. Once you draw closer to the cat;

  • It closes its eyes in a relaxed way
  • It comes closer and rubs you with its forehead
  • It lets out slow, relaxed purrs
  • The ears are relaxed, as opposed to set in a straight, alert manner.

It is important to appreciate that kissing a cat on the forehead has health benefits, but it can be unhealthy. While cats seem to like the cleanest pets, they can carry infections and diseases if they don’t get regular vaccines and check-ups.

We all agree that cats are adorable, and you have a temptation to even kiss the neighbors cat. However, as long as the cat is not yours, you have to resist the temptation. Not everyone appreciates having their cats kissed by other people, and not all cats are healthy for you to kiss anyway.

Then there are the feral cats, which appear whenever you set food on the table. You like pets, and so you feed them and probably end up adopting them. Feral cats, unlike cats that are groomed in homes since birth, are pretty wild.

Therefore, if you attempt to kiss it on the forehead, it will give you a come-back that you don’t expect, and you might end up in hospital. If it doesn’t retaliate, it may transmit the infection to you, given that no one has probably been looking after it.

Is It Weird to Kiss Your Cat on the Head?

No, it is not weird to kiss your cat on the head. If it makes you feel better, you are not the only one who likes kissing your cat on the forehead. The majority of cat owners do.

Nevertheless, ensure that your cat does not miss regular vet visits to ensure that its vaccines are up-to-date. Other than that, ensure that your cat takes the kisses as gestures of love and affection.

In areas where people keep cats as pets, you can even kiss your cat in public, and no one will take offense. After all, it is your cat, and as long as it seems to enjoy and does not embarrass you, why feel weird?

Do Cats Understand Forehead Kisses

In all honesty, cats are different from humans, and so is their language. Every human understands that kissing is affectionate or romantic, but this is the language of humans. As surprising as it may appear, cats do not view it that way.

However, blinking your eyes, playing with the cat around the house, and taking its paw gently are affectionate to cats. This is the best start to a loving relationship with a cat.

But cats are observant and understanding. In this regard, some will understand that kissing is your language of affection. Others will like the method so much that they will start kissing you as a show of affection.

I would say that it is upon you to read your cat’s affection language to know whether it will understand a kiss on the forehead. Better still, teach it patiently. Some will not like the idea over time, but gentle persistence bears fruits, and you can finally have your way.

Is It Safe to Kiss Your Cat on the Forehead?

Yes, it is. As long as it is your cat, it is safe to kiss it on the forehead. Note the following, though;

Only kiss your cat when it is relaxed and aware. Ambushing it from behind or asleep will lead to aggression, as it will translate to an attack. In this case, I will not guarantee your safety.

If it is your first time kissing the cat, have eye contact with the cat when kissing it. This will give you the go-ahead signal or red light.

Start with other means of bonding with the cat, such as cuddling, playing with its tail and fur, and sleeping with it to see whether it is comfortable with body contact.

Alternatives to Kissing Your Cat on the Forehead

If your cat still proves difficult to kiss on the forehead by all cues, you can always adopt other means of bonding with the cat. Most importantly, respect the boundaries it sets and give it space to nurture your relationship.

If you just took in a feral cat, don’t rush to cuddle it and kiss it, as you will frighten it. The best thing would be to give it space and time to know that you care. After all, since you feed it and provide a warm shelter, it will grow fond of you over time. Eventually, it will be the one following you around and probably initiating a cuddle.

So, onto the alternatives, you have to kiss the cat on the forehead? Let’s get going;

  • Learn the slow kitty eye blinks that your cat gives you.
  • Offer the cat’s favorite meal occasionally while you sit around and watch it eat.
  • Give it attention when it purrs and meows consistently.
  • Talk to your cat consistently; eventually, it will learn your ow your words as well.
  • Cuddle it and play with its fur if it has no problem with a touch.

Where Else Should You Kiss the Cat?

Other than the forehead, you can kiss any other part of the furry body and head. You can kiss the cat on the nose. Only remember that the rules for kissing the cat on the forehead stand even for the other parts of the cat’s body.

The only part that is not advisable to kiss on the cat is the mouth. I don’t mean to say that your cat could be harboring germs, but the mouth is an easy target for gastrointestinal bacteria.

Kissing Your Cat on the Forehead

A kiss on the forehead is harmless with cats, especially for your cat. If your cat is overly social with you and comfortable with all the cuddle-and-kisses moments, seize the opportunity.

The kiss will enhance good feelings and satisfaction in you while ensuring that your bond with the pet increases. However, always ensure that your cat is ready for the kiss and actually likes it. If not, there are other ways you can get the same fulfillment.

Know few things about Cat Kissing

If a cat hisses, growls, tilts its ears back, or leans away from you, that cat doesn’t want to be kissed. Avoid kissing cats on the lips as doing so increases your risk of getting bitten and increases your risk of contracting certain intestinal parasites.

Because some cats are less tolerant of children than of adults and because children frequently fail to notice the warning indications of an angry cat and retreat quickly enough, teach your child to avoid petting or kissing cats.

And never try to kiss a cat you aren’t familiar with.

In a Nutshell;

Are you kissing your cat on the head? This is one of the most fulfilling feelings that any cat owner will acknowledge. Most importantly, it is safe for both you and the cat.

The bottom line is that you should both view the kiss as a gesture of love and affection. It will be most enjoyable and worth the time in the long run.

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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