What cat breeds look similar to the Turkish Van?

There are few breeds of cats that look similar to the Turkish Van. For example, the Turkish Angora and Khao Manee are great examples of Turkish Van’s alternative. Their body structure, white color, and behavior would confuse you while deciding which one is the original Turkish Van. 

How you find the cat is a Turkish Van?

The only way you can find the difference is when you spend time with the cat. The Turkish van is a good-sized, semi long-haired cat that likes to swim frequently. 

It will have biggish paws. The cat breed is known for its agility in the home. The male cat typically weighs around 15 pounds, whereas the females weigh 10 to 12 pounds.

What cat breeds look similar to the Turkish Van?

Turkish van cat breed is scarce. It’s been around for centuries. Because of its unique color pattern and charming personality, the breed’s demand has risen in recent years. 

Cat breed is very energetic, and athletic nature makes it a lovable cat in the category. They are playful and do not like to stay in one place for long. 

They are always roaming around and seeking a new experience. 

What are the characteristics of the Turkish Van Cat?

Weight Range: The Turkish Van male weighs around 10 – 12 lbs, and the Female 7 to 10 lbs.

Eye Color: The cat will have bright amber or blue color pupil. Their eyes are attractive.

What cat breeds look similar to the Turkish Van

Longevity: The age of the Turkish Van would be around 13 to 17 years.

Social Attention Needs: The Turkish Van is known for its social activity. They cannot live alone. They need people around them. On the scale of the social activities compared to the other cat breed, the Turkish Van demands a high social attention level.

Length: The Turkish Van is a semi-long built body structure that makes them perfect in size.

Body Structure: The hair on the body would have a single coat of soft cashmere-like Furr. It will be small to a semi-long size that makes it suitable for frequent activities.

Patterns: The rings on the tail, thumbprint on shoulder blades are common patterns found on the Turkish Van cat. 

Allergenic: The Turkish van cat breed is less allergenic. That’s why many families buy them for their homes.

Grooming Needs: The Turkish Van cat takes care of herself very well, so you do not have to put your time to groom them. They always look well-groomed.

Turkish Van Cats: Fun Facts & Myths

This video guide would help you to know more about the Turkish Van Cats and their myths.

What is a Turkish Van’s personality?

Turkish van cat possesses unique personalities. They are not a lap cat. The Turkish van cat is known for its athletic activities. You will find them jumping in the room, bouncing on the floors, playing with the equipment around the home. 

They do not like to sleep more like any other cat. They are always active and spend more time roaming around the house. 

They always look for the new things that make them experience something unique. 

Additionally, the Turkish Van is the best pet homeowner would have. They are loyal, and they love to be with the owners. 

They develop a strong bond with their owner over the period and react to their voice effectively. This makes them loyal pet in the home.

In return, the Turkish van cat expects a lot of attention from its owner. Like, do the Turkish van cat follows the person who pets them regularly. 

They develop a sense of favoritism and follow the person all the time whenever he or she is around. 

They sometimes respond to the owner similar to the dog does. However, their voice is so soft that it will be difficult to hear in a noisy environment. 

Is Turkish Van Cat-friendly breed?

Remember that just because they like to be with the person doesn’t mean they are friendly and accept close contact. They sometimes become aggressive if too much bothering is happening around them. 

However, they are friendly, but you should be gentle with them and not go overboard while petting them. 

Turkish Van cat does like being entertained. They learn faster and adapt to the new environment quickly. 

You can have a ball to throw at them, and they will start playing with them. You can teach them tricks to play around the house. 

They would prefer having the puzzle toys that may keep busy throughout the day. They are an intelligent cat that would love to try different things while roaming around the home.

Final Verdict:

When you decide to buy the Turkish Van cat as your pet, always go with the authorized seller. 

You would find several mixed breeds in the store that look like Turkish Van, but they would be something else. 

So be aware of the cheating and buy only the original breed from the reputed seller. 

Amelia Kteylor

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