What Do Calico Cats Eat?

The Calico cat is a domestic cat that can be mainly seen in three colors. The most common color is white with orange and black patches, cream and grey patches, Red, blue-black, and chocolate brown. Calicos are considered the most colorful cats in the world. 

As with any species, different cat breeds have different personality traits. Calico cats are fiery, quirky, and as well as loving with their companions. If you have a Calico and are wondering what their eating habits are like, read on!

What Do Calico Cats Eat?

Calicos enjoy eating the same food as other cats like kibble, dry or wet food, and canned food. Also, Calico cats need lots of proteins to maintain their health. This means that their food should be composed of 90% protein.

Why Are Calico Cats Called So?

The word Calico originally came from the port located in India called Calicut. The word was used to describe a type of cloth produced in the said place. 

The appearance of this fabric is black and orange-red with a colorful pattern. Americans used the term Calico to identify this type of print in the fabric. In the 19th century, Calico cats started being called by this name due to their colorful appearance.

Why Are Calico Cats So Special?

The Calico cats are popular for their tri-color skin. They have some unique personality traits.


Calico is not only a breed of cat but a domestic pet that has a variety of genetic colors. Most of them have a beautiful combination of three colors, making them very attractive.

Personality and behavior of Calico cats

Calico cats are different from other cats and even from one another. Mostly these cats are energetic and emotional compared to other colored cats. Some Calico cats might be more calm and friendly than others.

Female Calico cat

The Calico pattern occurs mostly in female cats. It is very rare to find the characteristic Calico pattern in male cats. Both male and female Calico cats have different attitudes and personalities. 


If you are planning to raise a calm, well-behaved cat, a Calico cat might not be a good decision. This breed of cats can be stubborn by nature. You should keep in mind that they might have an attitude if you are thinking of getting Calico cats.

Some Behavioral Traits Of Calico Cat Breed:

  • Mostly they are playful and energetic.
  • Being affectionate and good-hearted with you.
  • Very sweet and loyal to you
  • These cats are very independent. They don’t need a lot of pampering and companionship.

Some interesting facts about Calico cats:

  • Most Calico cats are females. An estimate is that 99% of Calicos are female! Thus male Calicos are rare
  • They have unique colors
  • These Calico cats might be a good luck charm. Calico cats are considered a sign of good luck in some countries. They believe that these cats will bring good fortune to their families soon.
  • In 2001 Calico cats became the symbol of Maryland State. The U.S has announced the Calico cat as the “state cat” back in 2001 officially.

How long do Calico cats live?

  • Calico cats are different from other cat breeds because of their color and a few characteristics. It’s difficult to say that all cats have the same lifespan. 
  • Generally, Calico cats live 12 to 16 years and outdoor Calico cats have a shorter lifespan of 7 to 9 years compared to indoor ones.

What Should You Feed Your Calico Cat?

You should ensure that your cat’s food does not contain any animal by-products, preservatives, additives, or artificial colors. All of these factors will have a negative effect on your cat if you are feeding them these for a long period. You could feed a mixture of wet and dry food to your Calico cats. 

Every living being needs water to survive. It is impossible to go without water for too many days. However, cats tend to not drink a lot of water. Lack of water in your cat’s body leads to dehydration and causes urinary infections.

To avoid these complications it is better to feed your Calico wet food. If you are going to leave your cat alone in the home for several hours, feed them properly.

You can prepare homemade cat foods for your Calico. It is a good option to feed healthy homemade food to your cats.

The important thing is not to leave the food for your cat in the food bowl all day. Feeding your cat twice a day is the best thing to keep them away from stomach upset. If you are concerned about your cat’s weight management, control the portion of food, don’t overfeed. 

Don’t feed them dry food all the time as all dry foods are not healthy options for your cat. This is especially true for dry food products that do not contain high amounts of proteins. Moreover, they are low in moisture and contain carbohydrates at a high level. So you should add some good quality wet foods for your Calico cat.

Besides changing food patterns, make sure your Calico gets enough playtime, exercise, and good sleep.

Do Calico cats like to be alone?

The Calico cats have a lively, independent, and unique nature. They are not always ready to mingle with other pets or cat breeds. Nonetheless, there are many Calico cats that get along with other pets and children due to their loving attitude. Furthermore, they love to play with their companions.

Care for Calico cats:

Caring for your pet is the most important aspect of having a pet. Most of the Calico cats are female. Therefore for female cats, you can do birth control called spaying. It means sterilizing a female animal by removing its ovaries. Spaying a cat reduces the risk of cervical cancer, as well as reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

Moreover, cats can have health-related issues like Feline leukemia and feline AIDS. These are the two diseases that spread through bites of other cats which get infected. Increased BMI leads to diabetes, heart disease, and other issues.

Hence, regular care is a must for your Calico cats like all cats to live a good and healthy life. Regular combing your cat’s hair is vital because it removes dead hair from your cat’s body. Brushing not only grooms your pet but strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

Feeding good quality food is essential for healthy living. In this regard, homemade food products are preferable to store-bought food items.

You should give your cat clean water to drink. Always keep their litter box clean as dirty boxes cause urinary tract infections.

The most common health issue with cats, including Calico cats, is their dental health. Tatar buildup inside the mouth leads to gum disease and decays the tooth of your Calico cat. The buildup of bacteria in their teeth affects the function of their internal organs. It is highly advisable to visit a veterinarian once a year for cleaning their teeth. 


As fun and independent as Calico cats are, you must not miss out on taking care of them. In addition to giving them the right food in terms of both amount and nutrition, you should give them water at regular intervals of time. Now that you have understood more about Calico cats, you can help them live healthier lives.

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