Why aren’t Cats Mentioned in the Bible?

The house cats are not mentioned in the Bible because the whole purpose of the Bible is not to describe the various animals found in nature. In the past, the cats were not important to the religion and never had any productive value, such as other farm animals who provide food and meat. The cat was never used in agriculture.

So it was never the part of the human’s primary animal, which will be codified in law.

Why are several animals mentioned, and the cat never had any consideration in the bible?

The animals that are mentioned were necessary for the worship. Those animals signify the sacrifices that they make human life easy. For example, the horses were used to pull the chariots, camels for trade.

Some animals symbolize their unique characteristics, such as Ostriches, known for their lack of sense, dogs being despised, and snakes were considered dangerous creators.

Like many other pieces of information are not possible to mention in a single book, the cat is also a word or creator which has not signified any special power in the early days.

They got ignored, and only popular animals got their name mentioned in the bible.

We need to accept that not every word found in the dictionary, such as a cat, would get the mention in the bible.

God often combined the general things in one category and prevented us from discrimination to the details found in nature. In the bible, you will find many cases where it is mentioned that Jesus did more healings than recorded in the bible.

Therefore, God chose not to add every animal that lived on the planet in the bible because they are so many. As a result, God decides to add them under one single category, “Every living thing that moves on the earth.”

God would have specified each creature’s name, but God decides to simplify the message in the single sentence that specifies all the creators, and that’s all that counts.

Is it a sin to own a cat?

No. Today there is no such law that makes you sin to own a cat. The cats have different significance in different cultures. Similarly, Christine had their belief system about the cat, which is slowly changing, and Christian people now started accepting that cats are adorable.

Some used to think the black cat is part of the devil force. If you own a black cat, the negative energy will come to your home and impact your family life. However, when people started having the black cat as the pet, everyone started adopting them, and now many black cat breed is found in the house.

Is it dangerous for Christians to own cats?

In history, there were believed that owning a cat would attract the devil force in your house. People were scared, and they used to keep the cat away from their home. Owning a cat was considered a danger to life. Therefore, the cat’s growth was limited in the past, and no one was using them as their pet.

People who used to follow the spiritual path were spreading rumors about the cat’s negative energy when they are around. They used to urge people not to have the cat in the home and even neighborhood.

Later, people started changing the thoughts that say cats are dangerous. Cat is not dangerous and especially spiritually dangerous.

An old woman sitting in her sunny garden reading her Bible looks down, her pet cat sitting on her lap.

Any sensible human who understands how nature works and the basics of human life makes the wise creature know that Cat is unlike any other animals found on the earth.

They live their life usually like other animals. The whole idea makes no sense, and it is an urban myth and a potentially dangerous one.

Why are cats associated with the devil and evil?

The cat got its images due to the ignorance of some of the communities who started believing the cat is dangerous. This thought is to pass on through the generation, and still, many people believe the cats spread negative energy.

There is no connection between the cat and the devil’s force. In Egyptian culture, the cat was symbolized as the protector of evil.

Egyptian people used to believe if there is an evil force around, the cat will save them. That’s why families in Egypt used to have the cat with them.

The cat signifies the positive energy that keeps the evil force away from the people.

Even today, you can find the ancient product and art form used in the Egyptian culture uses the cat sculpture to showcase their thoughts and beliefs about the cat.

The culture still protects what they have taught from the ancient people. Cat statues were built to keep the evil force underground so they cannot come out.

Additionally, ancient people also thought that the cat could see the evil force and play with them.

Have you ever seen the kitten playing to something while they are in the home, which is invisible to our eye? If you are ignorant and lack scientific information about the cat, you may start thinking that the cat is playing with the evil force.

There are several similar incidents that people believe cat perform when evil force is around. 

Final verdict:

Cat is an innocent creature that is beautiful and adorable. Especially the kittens are more fun the watch when they are playing in the home.

They are cute and make great companions when you are alone. You can spend the whole day playing with them without getting bored.

About the Bible, like it is said, several animal names are missing in the bible so do a cat.

The bible had covered only those present and popular animals in the region when the bible was written.

Cat is not the popular animal in Israel, making them a common animal and ignoring it completely. Cats are just another animal, so treat them as your pets. They are also like to live with humans. Try to provide good food to them when you have free time. The bible always says do the good things and be kind to animals.

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Piyumi Buddhini

Piyumi Buddhini is a graduate in electronics and IT field. Currently working as, a temporary demonstrator in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She is a well-experienced pet lover who raised more than 14 cats. Not only cats but doggies are her best pals too. Right now, she has 4 cats. 3 of them are kitties and the other one, the mother cat came from the street.  Mostly, she spends her free time at home with her kitties.  Other than her love for cats, she enjoys hiking and photography as hobbies.

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