Why does my Calico cat hate me?

Calico cats are dramatic and have distinct personalities from house cats. If you are an owner of a Calico cat or planning to buy one, then it is crucial to understand their behaviour or personality traits. Thus, you can keep them well-maintained in your ownership. Calico cats have colour patterns and are of tricolour like black, white, and orange. On the other hand, allegations of temperamental behaviour are anecdotal in nature and have not been supported by scientific research. Let’s dive deeper into the topic. 

The personality of Calico Cats 

It has been said that Calico cats have a rigid personality that varies from cats to cats with a solid tricolour, not the breeds. Let’s look at various personalities.

1. Fiery Personalities

Calico cats are known to be very fiery, temperamental, and strong-willed than other cats of different colours within the breed. The research conducted by veterinarians that people who bred the Calico cats have seen the different behaviour of different cats. 

2. Personality may vary among female cats

One of the interesting aspects of the Calico cat is that they have different colour combinations often seen in females. While the male Calico is rare but you can still find them. However, the fact is colours are not vital in a Female’s cat’s behaviour and personality. Although, within the empire of female cats, the cat’s personality characteristics may vary.

3. Cats have attitude

Calico’s cats are known to have more attitudes than other colour cats. However, some cat owners called their attitude cattitude. Many people want to buy a kitten, and if you are one among them, keep these things in mind to enjoy with Calico. 

The actual study on calico cat’s behavior

The Calico cats and their kittens are known for carrying sassy to downright behaviour. To come up with the true statement, the actual study conducted by the specialist doctor, UC Davis, Dr Elizabeth Stelow with more than 1200 cat-owners that determine the cats as they are more likely to show aggressive nature such as hissing, bitting, and swatting. 

Moreover, researchers suspected that genetics are more responsible for Calico and tortoiseshell that may control aggressive tendencies.  

Signs that your cat is aggressive

Now, the crucial aspect to consider is how do you know if your cat is aggressive? Here, we have enlisted 6 major signs that indicate your cat hates you. 

1. If their tail is horizontal

The certified cat behaviour analyst said cats used their tails to show their inner feelings but sometimes used them to express their emotions towards the person or a thing. Well, the cat’s tail is expressive, and when we are talking about the context, their tail reflects immediate behaviour as what feeling they are going through. It is even said that the tail act as the indicator of their moods.

So coming to the point, if you see lowered horizontal tail means the cat is in fear or aggression. It’s a sign the cat is not happy with you. The lower tail of the cat is, the more stressed they are. 

2. If they are hiding from you 

It will be like a true indicator for owners. If the cat is hiding from you, then it seems she is not comfortable with you or your surroundings. However, the cats can be hide when they are not familiar with the space. So, if this is your case, you should make them comfortable and provide them with personal space to breathe and adjust. 

3. If they start biting you

Most experts agree that it is a clear sign that your cats hate you. However, some researchers show biting is general behaviour for kittens, while for full-grown cats, they should not bite, most often when you are trying to pet them. 

4. If they are not playing 

Yet another indicator that your cat hates you is when you are trying to play with cats, and they are walking away from you. Thus, it is a sign they are not happy with you. It is normal for cats to play with you the whole day, but if they are not taking an interest, then perhaps you have done something wrong, and they started to hate you. 

5. If they hiss at you

The majority of experts say that if your cat starts hissing at you means the cat is angry ad unhappy with you. The Nagelschneider said that swatting, hissing, and growling are the common behaviour traits among kittens but not in full-grown cats. 

6. Cats are friendly to all except you

If you see your cat is cuddling with your guests, not yours, then there will be a personal issue. If this is your case, then try to ensure your cat has all the necessary and her favourite essentials with them. Are they hungry? Are they healthy inside? Figure out the issue and make them happy. 

Why my cat doesn’t like me anymore?

Cats have different personalities within the breed. Thus, one of the most confusing elements of your cat’s personality is when a cat suddenly changes their behaviour. This means your cat needs personal attention as they do not like you anymore. 

The cat might be angry with you since you have neglected the important elements she needs. Sometimes injures causes an issue to make them uncomfortable with the things. The lack of mental stimulation or changes in hormones may impact their behaviour. 

How does your cat like you again?

If you see the above signs in your Calico cats, and they start to hate you. So, ensure their stress get down, give them what they really need, and slow down other things responsible for their different behaviour. You can consult with the pet doctor about this issue. Thus, they can examine the internal issues if the car is suffering. The more you are likely to spend time with them, the more you get the best knowledge about their behaviour.

The Bottom Line

So, with the above discussion, we hope you got to know why Calico cat’s starts to hate you. All you need to do is check their basic necessities and more they need, especially health. Give care, comfort, and love, and you will get love back from them. 

Amelia Kteylor

Amelia Kteylor, DVM, attended the University of Georgia. She is a cat expert with 20 years of experiences in field. She has a passion as a writer and editor for pet publishing industry too. Amelia contributes to numerous pet magazines in the areas of pet health and groom. Further, she volunteered in cat rescue centers in her leisure time.

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