How To Travel Long Distance With Multiple Cats? Best Guide

The idea of “How to travel long distances with multiple cats?” is not a question of “if” anymore. It is rather a question of “How.” Resilient nature of cats gives you a smooth way to plan a safe and organized long journey with them.

You don’t need to depend upon your neighbour or friend for taking care of your cats while you are on a long journey. You can travel long distances even with multiple cats and still make a remarkable tour.

Just like you prepare for yourself, you have to make another to-do list. This one for your cats.

The following paragraphs explain you how to make it super easy travelling long distance with your cats.

It’s just about planning your journey effectively.

Things to remember for a Long Travel with Multiple Cats

Before you set to travel, visit your vet and discuss your journey in detail. Try to get from him/her a fitness certificate for your cats. Vaccination might be needed as well.

These are the necessary little steps to avoid any legal consequences in your journey.

Have a complete weather forecast information about your travel destination and plan your trip accordingly.

You may want to delay your trip (if possible) if the conditions at your destination are too tough for your cat to enjoy the travel.

Moreover, you should make proper research into which hotels or cottages will be a better stay for your cats.

how to travel with a cat in a car

There are some hotels which offer concession in the fairs if you bring along your pets. Some of them have special pet themes designed for your cats.

The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is an example. It is one of the most recommended hotels for pet safety and recreation in the US. They offer special welcoming treats for your cats. You can search for more hotels.

Toys should be your automatic choice for taking along when travelling long distance, especially with multiple cats. Nothing appeases a cat more than its favourite toy. They are very effective in lowering the stress levels of cats.

If affordable, you should try keeping their blankets along as well. Cats have an emotional attachment with the particular odour of their blankets. This smell can make them feel at home. Taking these blankets along can help you make them realize they are not going to leave everything back home.

You might have to keep water bottles along with you. Many cat species have a typical behaviour of sticking to the brand of water they use to drink at home. Switching the brand could cause your cats to go furious during the travel. More cats, More bottles.…could be a little costly.

Necessary training prior to the travel

Before you leave, you must have a test run of your cats’ time spending in the carrier. This way, you have a fair idea about what to add and what to remove.

If they don’t play or eat inside the carrier, you may try to place a toy or food item in their surroundings. It might make them feel attracted towards staying in the carrier.

You get to know if the carrier is fit for the travel.

Is there any chance the cat might hurt itself trying to get out of it?

Is there proper ventilation in the carrier?

Can more than one cats reside in it for a long journey?

All these questions must be answered before the travel begins.

Their fellow cats should not be introduced to them when you are just about to depart. This introduction must take place days before you leave, if not possible, make sure you do that as many hours before as you can.

For them to get used to one an others’ presence, they must be programmed to spend some time together in a usual environment, during their normal routine. This technique will make sure that they get enough time to get acclimatized with each other. Short outside trips can be arranged for this purpose.

how to travel with a cat across country

If you are travelling in the morning, most of the cats will resist your plans. You can take your time, trying to pamper them, be calm and keep trying to persuade them. if they still don’t submit, leave them alone for some time, may be for half an hour.

Finally, you have to place a pillow or blanket around the opening of the carrier so cats have only one way to go, you can then push them into the carrier.

Their anxiety can be lowered using a piece of your cloth or a shoe in the carrier. You can do that by making the cat have its meals and playtime in the carrier.

Provide a toy or food item separately to each cat. Any new toy or food item given to them must be identical so none of them develops any kind of envy with its partner.

Otherwise, they might start fighting each other, causing a lot of embarrassment for you.

Separate carriers for multiple cats would be a preferred idea. Separate carriers are available in the market which can be connected together as well.

The cats can have a meal, and playtime together only if you allow.

It’s all about your priorities. When in a hotel, loud AC of the room can cause disturbance for the cats, TV can help here, just like it does at home.

Litter boxes are necessary to keep with you especially when the journey is of hours. Disposable litter boxes are preferred.

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 Travelling with multiple cats by CAR

Your car should not be very much cluttered so to keep your cat anxiety free.

Make sure you make room for the cats before you put anything else in the car, if possible, avoid placing anything else for keeping the cats composed.

Put their carriers in the car just at the right place. They should be supported by your seatbacks, or doors so to avoid any injury to the cats in case there comes a sudden stop.

Courier size and design must be chosen keeping in mind the car design.

Put the cats in the car just when you are about to depart, putting them in too early can have a negative impact on them.

they might feel frightened and start mewing out of uncertainty.

If your journey is as long as 5 hours, make sure you take little pauses in your way. take your cats out as well.

You are advised not to walk on the roadside, as it can be dangerous for the safety of cats.

How to travel long distance with multiple cats BY AIR

Make good research into which airline suits your purpose and which airline provides incentives for bringing pets along with you.

Trash bags are important for air travel. You can wrap the litter boxes so it becomes easy to hide the odour.

Don’t forget to put “Do not disturb” Tag in front of the carriers gates. There are chances that some Air Hostess would tend to examine the carrier should there is a noise of playing etc.

Your cats should not be exposed to unknown faces in the congested environment of a plane.

Cracking noise of windows might disturb the cats as well, Background Music could be a good remedy here.

Microchips are useful to keep a track of your cats’ movements especially when they are in multiple quantities. These grain-sized electronic chips track their locations using GPS.

Don’t worry, they cause no health hazards to your cats.

For the citizens of the US, they are a mandatory requirement when you are travelling abroad.

You can earn velocity points (points that accumulate to be used later as gift cards for the frequent flyers.) when travelling with pets.

5 more additional tips from this video for travelling 3.5 days by car with a cat

Final Thoughts

The final word is:  You don’t have to spend all day thinking “How to travel long distance with multiple cats?”  This problem has a perfect solution. Your decision-making abilities and proper research into the relevant questions can make the unfamiliar look familiar. Cats have God gifted ability to survive difficulties in long travels. Just proper planning and you can travel long distances with multiple cats.  


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